Ground Transportation for Cruise Lines

Ground Transportation

Ground TransportationSouth Florida is one of the leading ports for cruise lines. Journeys to the Caribbean, South and Central America, and other popular destinations often depart from Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and other major ports in the region.

This is great for South Florida because it attracts even more visitors to our area. But it also benefits local businesses like that provide essential support services to the cruise line industry.

Ground Transportation

People on cruises travel by ship to distant ports of call. But when they aren’t on the ship, they still need to get around on land. That’s where luxury charter buses from come into play.

We can transport cruise line passengers from the airport to the dock at the outset of their cruise. Then from the ship to the airport after they return home.

But that’s not all. We also can carry passengers on land excursions when they are on cruises that depart from somewhere else and stop in South Florida as part of their itinerary. We often carry passengers to theme parks, shopping districts, and other area attractions.

Then there’s the cruise line employees. Some of the biggest ships have hundreds of employees, all of whom need to get other places when the cruise is in port. We carry cruise line workers to the airport, train stations, remote parking areas, and other places.

The cruise line industry in South Florida is one of the best things to happen to the luxury charter bus rental business. There are plenty of people needing to get to a wide variety of places in comfort, security, and style.

Cruise lines need reliable ground transportation. has clean, efficient, state-of-the-art buses that provide a luxurious and safe ride to passengers, staff, and others related to the South  Florida cruise line industry.


Spring Travel Plans Begin Now

Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter

Spring is the season for making plans. If you have a group outing coming up this spring, the time to start planning your transportation needs is right now.

At, spring is one of the busiest times of the entire year. That’s because businesses, schools, and even wedding couples are making their spring plans all at the same time. Our phone is literally ringing off the hook this time of year. So if you want to guarantee you have the kind of luxurious, comfortable, and safe charter buses you need to make your spring outing complete, the time to call is right now.

Spring Travel

So why are so many people planning group outings in the spring? It’s because spring is truly the best time to travel in South Florida.

As we all know, summer gets very hot and humid in Miami and the surrounding areas. It can be unpleasant to be outside. Even indoor attractions like museums, shopping malls, and concert and sporting arenas are crowded with people seeking to escape the summer heat.

Winter isn’t much better because of the snowbirds who crowd our community to get away from freezing temperatures and heavy snow up north. The roads are more crowded, reservations are harder to get, and tourists are everywhere.

Only in springtime is there the perfect combination of mild, gentle weather and not a lot of crowds. provides clean, comfortable, and luxurious charter buses for all kinds of group outings. From school field trips to sports team transportation, from social outings to corporate events and more, our team of experienced, professional drivers and staff will keep your group travel plans on schedule while giving your group members a safe, comfortable ride.

Spring into spring travel by making your reservations today with, South Florida’s luxury charter bus rental leader.


Save Time and Money with

Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter

If you are organizing a large group outing — whether it’s for a social organization, school, or corporation — your first instinct might be to charter a commercial airliner. But if you are going less than 300 miles, it’s probably less costly to arrange to use a luxury charter bus. It may even be faster.

By the time you get everybody to the airport, clear them through security, get them on board, fly to your destination, and then arrange for ground transportation when you land, it can often take longer than it does to simply drive there. And if even one person in your party is afraid of flying, it can make the entire trip unpleasant for everybody else.

Plus, air travel is generally a lot more expensive than a luxury charter bus from

Fast and Easy

With, your group can board anywhere, get taken quickly and efficiently to your destination, and then have your ride back waiting for you whenever you need it. You don’t have to worry about airport traffic, security hassles, or weather delays. Instead, you simply get a fast and easy ride to where you want to go.

On longer journeys — such as cross-country or even anywhere farther than 300 miles away — a charter jet may make sense in some situations. But even longer journeys are often easier to manage with a luxury charter bus from

With, you get the convenience of pickup and dropoff at your selected location. Plus you get the benefit of a smooth, comfortable ride, friendly service, and the assurance that you can come and go according to your schedule — even if it changes at the last minute.

For cost-effective, efficient, and luxurious travel, choose We know how to get you where you are going in comfort, style, and security.


Schedules and Timetables

Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter

When you organize a group outing, timing is everything. People want to know what time the bus is going to pick them up, what time they will arrive at the destination, what time they will leave for home, and what time they will arrive back where they started.

So information about schedules and timetables is critical. If the organizer doesn’t keep on top of it, there will be frustration, anger, and bad feelings. Fortunately, uses the latest technology and state-of-the-art tools to provide up-to-the-minute updates throughout your trip.

Staying on Time

But keeping to schedules and timetables is a collaborative effort. Drivers don’t know your timing requirements until (or unless) you share them. If you keep your driver in the dark about when you want to be picked up, when you want to arrive, and when you want to leave, your trip is already starting on a bad foot.

When they have your projected timetable, it’s easier for your driver to stick to it.  We use GPS tracking and computer algorithms to track factors like traffic, weather, and construction delays so we can give you accurate timing information — often up to the exact moment when you can expect to arrive.

Nobody wants to run behind schedule. It’s especially frustrating when you are responsible for a large group of people. But when you let drive, you are more likely to arrive on time.

A group outing that runs on time is more likely to have satisfied participants. Sharing information about your timetables makes it easier for our drivers to achieve your objectives. And when you’re happy, we’re happy.

Getting you where you are going safely, efficiently, and on time is the goal of We want your journey to be a successful one. That’s why we always strive to keep you informed about changes to your timetable and schedule.

Cruise Line Land Transportation

Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter

South Florida is home to many of the finest cruise lines in the world. Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and other ports welcome tens of thousands of cruise passengers every month. And they all have one thing in common: They expect to be treated like royalty.

People who choose cruises over other types of vacation experiences have a certain type of expectation. Cruises typically offer extravagant food and drink options, luxurious accommodations, and five-star service — not to mention some of the most scenic and exciting destinations in the world.

But the entire experience can be ruined if the ground transportation hired by the cruise lines is less than perfect.

Ground Transportation

Whenever cruise lines hand their passengers off to a third party, they are taking a risk. If their clients have a bad time on a land excursion, during airport transportation, or any other land-based travel, it usually reflects poorly on the cruise line more than the contractor.

So the most successful cruise lines rely only on experienced, professional ground transportation providers who can provide the same quality of service their passengers receive on board the ship — like

The biggest cruise lines trust to seamlessly provide the same elegant, luxurious experience on land that their passengers experience onboard their vessels. Our team of friendly, helpful, and professional employees understands the expectations of cruise ship passengers and offers the same type of fun, exciting, and flawless service.

Cruise lines rely on repeat customers as well as word-of-mouth referrals. If a land-based contractor drops the ball, it can sabotage everything the cruise line worked so hard to achieve. But when you rely on for your land-based travel — including airport shuttles, land-based excursions, shopping trips, and more — your passengers will feel like they’ve never left the comfort or luxury of the ship. 

Our Mechanics Ensure a Seamless Travel Experience

Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter

Have you ever taken public transportation and experienced a breakdown? It can be a nightmare. When buses and trains stop working, it can add anxious hours to your travel time, making you late for work. And when you get there, you will be frustrated and not at all in the mood to be productive.

Unfortunately, it’s not an uncommon experience. Many public transportation companies have vast fleets and not enough experienced mechanics and technicians to maintain them. The result is frequent breakdowns, angry passengers, and an unreliable and unpleasant experience. No wonder so many public transportation lines are failing.

Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

At, we take a different approach to taking care of our fleet of luxury charter buses. Not only do we have a full staff of qualified, experienced mechanics and techs to take care of them, but we also conduct frequent multi-point inspections that let us identify and correct any potential issues before they affect our passengers.

This allows us to provide you with a seamless, pleasant travel experience whenever you ride with us. We are proud of our safety and on-time arrival record and we strive to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by making sure you never get delayed or endangered by a breakdown or mechanical issue. has been providing South Florida with reliable, luxurious travel for more than a decade. We specialize in carrying sports teams, wedding parties, school outings, social groups, cruise line passengers, corporate outings, and many other types of group travel.

We carry groups of all sizes, from 6 to 600, in comfort and security. And we will get you where you are going without delays or any inconveniences. So when you want to travel without worry in luxury, style, and ultimate comfort and security, choose for all of your group travel needs.

‘What Happens If There’s a Breakdown?

Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter

Buses are mechanical. That means they have a lot of moving parts, all of which are subject to wear and tear. Then there’s South Florida’s notoriously hot and humid weather, which puts an additional unique strain on vehicles, not to mention our heavy traffic, which can make even routine trips involve a lot of frustrating stops and starts.

So what happens if your group is riding on one of our buses and it breaks down? Although it’s a highly, highly uncommon experience, it’s a fair question and one worth answering honestly and completely.

Breakdown Services

For starters, rest assured that your bus is very unlikely to ever experience any type of mechanical failure. We have a team of mechanics and technicians who do nothing except maintain our buses to the highest standards in the industry.

But other factors can cause a bus to break down that are out of our control, such as debris in the roadway or unexpected mechanical failure. So what happens then?

It’s simple, we dispatch another bus to pick you up and bring you where you are going as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you are traveling locally, we often can get another vehicle to you in just a few minutes. If you are far away, we can either dispatch a new bus from our garage or get on the line with another luxury charter service closer to where you are so your wait time is minimized.

At, we have been doing this long enough to confidently say we’ve seen just about everything that could happen in this industry. We don’t have breakdowns very often — it’s hard to remember the last one, in fact — but if something unusual happens, we know how to respond.

Our ultimate goal is to always keep you safe, comfortable, and on time.

Bus Service with a Difference

Miami Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter

When you come right down to it, all charter bus services serve the same purpose: They get groups of people from one place to another. But only does it with style and luxury that can’t be found anywhere else in South Florida.

Our luxury charter buses are the best, sure. Our service staff is always friendly and reliable, of course. But we also offer dependability, safety, reliability, and an overall travel experience that is second to none. So while most other South Florida charter bus carriers are the same, is very, very different.

Luxury and Comfort

The biggest difference is that we prioritize the luxury of the passenger experience. We spend a lot of time and energy considering ways to make your ride with us better, easier, and more enjoyable — from hiring only friendly and helpful drivers to making sure they know where they are going and how to get there both efficiently and safely.

We also have a fleet of the finest luxury charter buses available anywhere. We spared no expense in bringing our passengers the latest technology, the most advanced safety features, and even the latest entertainment options.

When you ride with, you can expect a unique experience that is steeped in luxury and prioritized with comfort and security.

Whether you are organizing a group outing across town, across the state, or even across the county, you can rely on the comfort and luxury of

We serve groups of any size and go anywhere you need to go, from school field trips to sports team transportation, cruise ship passengers to corporate clients, and much more. We even provide wedding transportation.

So if you are looking for a new kind of group transportation experience, one that emphasizes comfort and security while minimizing delays and inefficiencies, your first and only choice should be

Preventing Breakdowns Before They Happen

Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter

Mechanical failures usually don’t just happen on their own. Usually, they are caused by poor maintenance, inattention to normal wear and tear, and a lack of attention to the smallest mechanical details.

A single breakdown on a luxury charter bus can have huge consequences, especially if it delays or ruins your event. If you are sitting by the side of the road waiting for a service provider rather than arriving at your destination on time safely, it’s a bad day. However, you are less likely to experience the unpleasantness and frustration of a mechanical breakdown when you choose as your luxury charter bus provider.

Attention to Detail

At, we give the mechanical details of our luxury bus charters the kind of attention and care you would expect from one of South Florida’s leading charter bus companies. Our mechanics and technicians pore over every detail of our bus engines, transmissions, tire assemblies, and other mechanical systems so that there is minimal risk of failure once our vehicles are on the road.

While many charter bus companies maximize the mileage their vehicles accrue and only hit the garage when there’s a problem, understands the benefits of being proactive when it comes to mechanical systems.

That’s because we know a single failure can directly affect the success or failure of your outing. We never want you to have to spend a single minute sitting by the side of the road when should be arriving at your destination.

Getting delayed by a mechanical breakdown can spoil your event. The last thing you want is to have to explain to your guests why they aren’t enjoying themselves the way you promised.

So if you want a luxury bus company that truly understands the value of keeping their vehicles in optimal condition to minimize failure while maximizing safety, efficiency, and fun, your first choice should be

Passengers and Crew Arrive on Time with

The cruise industry is one of the leading employers in South Florida. And as every cruise line employee can attest, time and tide wait for no man.

When they are on a two-day, week-long, or multi-week cruise, every ship sailing on the high seas needs to adhere to a tight schedule. And that begins with leaving port on time. Even the slightest delay in casting off will result in schedule complications all the way down the line.

Cruise Control

FLBusCharter. com is the luxury bus charter company that understands the importance of meeting the tight schedules required by cruise line companies. We can transport passengers and crew alike to the port with plenty of time to spare so that there are no delays to the cruise schedule.

Whether you are arranging for a group of passengers to be delivered from the airport to the dock or simply shuttling employees from the long-term parking lot to the ship’s crew entrance, is the reliable, experienced charter bus company that appreciates the pressures the cruise industry works under.

With a lot of charter bus companies, there’s no sense of urgency. That’s because they aren’t used to working with cruise lines. In the luxury cruise industry, every minute matters. offers comfortable luxury charter buses with all the latest safety features. We also have friendly, helpful drivers who are experienced at navigating South Florida’s roads and know how to get where they are going with minimum time and maximum efficiency.

We also keep our buses in ship shape so there are never any delays due to breakdowns or similar problems.

Cruise lines and other companies working within South Florida’s cruise industry can rely on to get their passengers and crew to the port on time and ready to enjoy their experience.


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