Providing Transportation Solutions

Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter

Logistics is an important part of what we do at In many instances, we collaborate with our clients to provide multi-stage group transportation for hundreds or even thousands of passengers — often over multiple days.

For example, cruise lines often rely on contracted charter bus companies to shuttle passengers between the airport and the pier. Corporations often need charter buses to bring employees, investors, and clients to remote sites or between locations during trade shows or conventions. Wedding parties need to get to multiple places within a few hours to ensure nothing goes wrong on the most important day of their lives.


Helping people figure out how to get big groups between places efficiently and on time is what we do. When you turn to for your group transportation needs, you get more than just luxurious buses, friendly drivers, and comfortable rides. You also get experienced, knowledgeable logistic experts who can collaborate with you to provide solutions to your group transport problems.

We can help you plan routes, create timetables, and meet deadlines all while giving your passengers the smoothest, most enjoyable riding experience of their lives. At, we’re more than just another charter bus company. We’re your partner providing executable transportation solutions. has become one of the fastest-growing luxury charter bus companies in South Florida by offering solutions to transportation problems. We’ve helped schools, institutions, corporations, cruise lines, and even wedding planners make things work.

People rely on us to get them where they need to be smoothly, efficiently, and on time. And we don’t let them down.

We’re experts at both planning and execution. And we’ve got the buses, the drivers, and the experience to back it up. So the next time you have a transportation issue that needs resolving, turn to the experts at We’ve already got you covered!

Last Minute Bookings No Problem

Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter

Sometimes the unexpected happens. Actually, unplanned emergencies happen all the time. You forget to book group transportation from the airport to the convention site. The bus company you hired backs out at the last minute. You suddenly have to take over transportation duties for a last-minute booking.

Relax. At, we’ve got you covered. We usually can accommodate last-minute bookings. They’re actually a large part of our business because they happen so frequently.


Our operators are accustomed to getting panicked calls from people who need to arrange for last-minute group transportation for sports teams, schools, corporations, and even wedding parties. We get it. Things happen. At, we’re here to ensure your guests get where they need to be without ever knowing anything went sideways.

Because we have such a large fleet of luxurious, state-of-the-art charter buses, we can usually accommodate these kinds of urgent requests without missing a beat. Sometimes, we can dispatch a bus immediately to rescue stranded passengers or fill in for another charter company’s cancellation.

We’ve saved dozens of weddings, field trips, and corporate outings. We’ve helped many sports teams — both professional and amateur — get to the big game on time even when their usual carrier fails to show up. And we can fill in for your group transportation needs as well, even if it’s the last minute.

At, we want to be your go-to luxury charter bus company of choice. Filling in at the last minute gives us a chance to prove to you both our value and quality of service.

If you have a last-minute group travel emergency in South Florida, don’t panic. You’ve already got on your side. We’re here to rescue you and seamlessly provide top-quality group transportation for you when you need it — even if it’s the last minute.



Cruise Line Land Transportation

Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter

South Florida is home to many of the finest cruise lines in the world. Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and other ports welcome tens of thousands of cruise passengers every month. And they all have one thing in common: They expect to be treated like royalty.

People who choose cruises over other types of vacation experiences have a certain type of expectation. Cruises typically offer extravagant food and drink options, luxurious accommodations, and five-star service — not to mention some of the most scenic and exciting destinations in the world.

But the entire experience can be ruined if the ground transportation hired by the cruise lines is less than perfect.

Ground Transportation

Whenever cruise lines hand their passengers off to a third party, they are taking a risk. If their clients have a bad time on a land excursion, during airport transportation, or any other land-based travel, it usually reflects poorly on the cruise line more than the contractor.

So the most successful cruise lines rely only on experienced, professional ground transportation providers who can provide the same quality of service their passengers receive on board the ship — like

The biggest cruise lines trust to seamlessly provide the same elegant, luxurious experience on land that their passengers experience onboard their vessels. Our team of friendly, helpful, and professional employees understands the expectations of cruise ship passengers and offers the same type of fun, exciting, and flawless service.

Cruise lines rely on repeat customers as well as word-of-mouth referrals. If a land-based contractor drops the ball, it can sabotage everything the cruise line worked so hard to achieve. But when you rely on for your land-based travel — including airport shuttles, land-based excursions, shopping trips, and more — your passengers will feel like they’ve never left the comfort or luxury of the ship.¬†

Tips for a Successful School Field Trip

field trip
field trip
Miami Bus Charter

One of the most memorable and exciting days for every elementary school student is field trip day. That’s when you and your classmates leave the confines of the classroom and experience the joy of discovering the outside world at someplace like a zoo, a museum, or a farm.

For school administrators and teachers, however, field trip days are often dreaded. Taking children outside the school can be risky, fueling anxiety and discomfort. The only time they can stop worrying is when the bus arrives back at the school and the children are safely back in class.

Keeping Kids Safe

The best way to ensure a successful, safe school field trip is to arrange for your students to be taken to their destination on a reliable, secure, and comfortable luxury charter bus like the ones available from

We have provided safe, secure, and reliable transportation for schools throughout South Florida for more than a decade. So we have a proven track record of keeping students safe and secure while keeping teachers, chaperones, and school officials worry-free.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art luxury charter buses and knowledgeable and experienced drivers, you don’t have to worry about things like breakdowns, traffic delays, or getting lost. Instead, you and your students can focus on having fun and learning.

Ensuring a flawless, enjoyable trip for the children and adults going on a school field trip is our highest priority. We know that when we are carrying your children, we have precious cargo on board. So we treat every outing as if our own kids were there, too. is the safe, reliable, and effective choice for worry-free school field trip transportation. Your kids will enjoy their field trip and remember it for all the right reasons. And the grown-ups accompanying them will be grateful that they chose South Florida’s best luxury charter bus carrier.


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