Why Would Businesses Use a Charter Bus Company?

Corporate Bus Charter Fort Lauderdale

When most people think of luxury charter bus rentals in Fort Lauderdale, they typically associate them with transporting sports teams to away games, bringing students on field trips, or perhaps shuttling senior clubs to shopping outings or to a stage play. But in reality, FloridaTours.com gets a lot of its businesses from companies, both large […]

Corporate Transportation Relies on Luxury

Corporate Bus Charter in Fort Lauderdale

The image of your business is just as important as the products and services that you offer. So anything that can derail that image, no matter how small, needs to be avoided at all costs. It can be something as seemingly unimportant as transporting employees, visitors, or shareholders from one place to another. For example, […]

Corporate Expansion and Charter Buses

Corporate Transportation Bus Charter Fort Lauderdale

As the global pandemic fades into memory, many businesses are planning their next chapter. For some, that includes renovation or expansion of their corporate property. Construction is always disruptive. But FloridaTours.com offers a solution to companies whose normal employee parking is temporarily unavailable due to new building: Shuttle buses. Streamlined Efficiency Here’s how it works: […]