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Imagine this scenario: Your team has made it to the finals. If you win one more game, you will be declared state champions. But on the way to the game, your bus breaks down.

The result is either forfeiting the championship game or your team arriving late, too frustrated and distracted to win. Even the smallest delay can get your team off-track. When it comes to winning, timing is everything. So the slightest glitch can throw everything off track.

Every winning coach knows that keeping players focused on the task at hand is essential to playing their best. So when you choose a low-cost, unreliable charter bus company to get your team to the big game, the chances of winning keep going down, down, down.

A  Winning Combination offers the most reliable and experienced sports team transportation in the state. We have taken many championship teams to the finish line with reliable, secure, and luxurious travel.

We have the most comfortable buses, the most experienced drivers, and the latest technology to keep your team on schedule without distractions.

We help your team reach the finish line by getting them to the big game in comfort and style. A focused team is a winning team. And we want your team to win as much as you do.

Through the years, we have brought countless South Florida teams to the big game. From high school to college, amateur to pro teams, we are the luxury charter bus company of choice for the region’s winning teams. Some of the most recognizable teams have reached their goals thanks to the sports transportation professionals at

When you want to get your team to the big game ready to win, you need a carrier that can bring them there in security, comfort, and style. Ride with the champions at

For Winning Teams, Style Is as Important as Substance



Championship sports teams always seem to have a certain amount of swagger. When they step off the team bus, they already look like winners.

But it’s hard to project that kind of winning attitude when you arrive at the big game on the same old clunky school bus that was used to pick up and drop off students at the corner that same morning. has the luxury charter buses that tell your opponents, “We came to win!”

Winning Ways

Coaches and school athletic directors with a passion for winning bring that drive to every aspect of their sports program. From twice-a-day practices in the summer to mandatory workouts in the gym to drills on the field day in and day out. So why shouldn’t they bring that same passion to their team transportation?

Winning begins with attitude. And that winning mindset is instilled in players by treating them like champions from the very beginning. If you want your team to arrive at the competition ready to win, it’s important that they get there in comfort, safety, and style.

At, our luxury charter buses come equipped with the latest in safety technology. They also feature the latest entertainment options — including free WiFi on every vehicle — so that your team can arrive relaxed, focused, and ready to give it their all on the field.

We have a long history of transporting championship teams to the big games. From pro teams to pee-wee football, high school to club teams, and everything in between. When teams ride to the game in one of our luxury coaches, they will already be in the right state of mind to win. That’s because if you want your team to win, you need to treat them like winners.

Let carry your team to victory.


Sports Teams Win When Choosing


TeamWhen you choose to transport your sports team to the big game, you’re already a winner!  That’s because our luxury charter buses will deliver your team to the competition in a winning frame of mind.

As every coach knows, there are so many things that can distract your team from their primary objective: Winning. Things like delays, getting lost, rude or unfriendly drivers, and other frustrations will take your players’ focus away from the game at hand. And the last thing winning coaches want is an unhappy or distracted team.

Winning Journeys

But has been taking winning teams to away games for more than a decade. High school, college, and even pro teams know that they can rely on our luxury bus charters to deliver them to the big game with a winning attitude.

Competition begins with arriving ready to play. Whether the game is across town or on the other side of the state, our comfortable, safe, and reliable luxury charter buses will deliver your team to the arena of competition without distraction and ready to give it their all on the field. Your competition won’t know what hit them when your team takes the court or the field rested, focused, and ready to win.

When you choose to transport your sports team to away games, you are booking more than just another charter bus company. You chose the winning company that understands how to keep athletes focused on the task at hand by eliminating any distractions or frustrations that can take their eye off the ball.

Our team of experienced, professional drivers, bookers, and others will help your team play to their fullest potential by delivering them in a winning frame of mind. When you choose for your sports team, you are already a winner!

The Sports Team Transportation Experts


As a Fort Lauderdale bus charter company specializing in sports team transportation, offers several advantages to South Florida high school, college, and club sports teams. Here are a few reasons why teams choose our services:

First, we get you to the game on time. Second, we get you there safely and stress-free. Finally, we allow for flexibility in our scheduling.

Our luxury charter buses are leading the leagues among South Florida sports team transportation providers for these three reasons.

Reliable, Safe Transportation – Team

Your team can’t win if it doesn’t arrive at its destination on time. Opposing teams aren’t going to care if your team bus broke down, if the driver got lost, or if you got a late start and your arrival was delayed. It’s just going to go down as a forfeit.

Similarly, if your team members are stressed out when they arrive because the driver didn’t follow safety procedures, if the condition of the bus itself was hazardous, or even if the driver was grouchy or arrogant, they aren’t going to perform to their highest potential. And that puts your team at a disadvantage even before the game begins.

Flexible Scheduling – Team

Every coach knows that while schedules are drawn up well in advance of the season, there are inevitably going to be last-minute changes that will affect game times. Rainouts lead to double-headers. Games going into overtime keeps teams at the stadium longer than expected. Post-season games are only added after the regular schedule already has been completed.

Coaches, athletic directors, and league schedulers rely on charter bus companies to have a great deal of flexibility because sports are unpredictable. is one of the fastest-growing sports team transportation providers in South Florida because we understand how team sports works and strive to accommodate changes as they occur.

If you want safe, reliable, and flexible transportation for your sports team, you need

Worry-Free Travel for Your Sports Team

Sports Team

The key to winning is focus.

All the training, practice, and preparation in the world can go out the window if your sports team arrives on game day distracted, anxious, or out of sorts.

That’s why choosing the right charter bus company is so important. If you choose a company that is unreliable, unprofessional, and disorganized, all of that negativity will be transferred to your sports team during transit. And they will arrive not ready to play.

Experienced Professionals – Sports Team

There’s too much on the line to leave your chances of winning up to an unreliable charter bus company. Instead, you need a charter bus rental in Miami that is experienced, professional, and understanding of your team’s need to focus.

If your team is delayed, distracted, or discombobulated, they aren’t going to win. It’s that simple.

That’s why you need We have the proven track record of success transporting winning sports teams throughout South Florida and beyond. With, you don’t need to worry about distractions like getting lost or breakdowns. Instead, your sports team can spend their travel time focusing on what matters most: Winning.

Worry-Free Travel for Your Sports Team – A Winning Combination

Winning sports teams understand that there’s more to be prepared on game day than just practicing. Your players’ state of mind when they arrive at the venue is equally important.

That’s why you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to your sports team transportation. has the experience, the knowledge, and the track record that makes the charter bus rental in Miami a winning combination with your sports team.

So if you want to be on the winning side, choose the company that removes any and all distractions during your sports team travel day. Choose, the experienced professionals at transporting winning sports teams in South Florida.


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