Make Your Wedding Day More Memorable



It’s that time of year again: Wedding Season. If you are like most people, spring brings the arrival of warmer weather, migratory birds, and wedding invitations in your mailbox.

But when it’s your wedding that you are attending, it’s important that you make it safe, enjoyable, and most importantly memorable for everybody who attends. That’s why you should consider including luxury charter buses from as part of your wedding day plans.

Safe and Efficient

The two biggest benefits of including luxury charter buses as part of your big day are that they 1.) will keep your guests safe, and 2.) Will keep your wedding day plans running on time.

The biggest obstacle to efficiency is human nature. When you leave your wedding party or even your guests on their own between the ceremony and the reception, odds are at least some of them are going to get lost, wander off, or otherwise ruin your carefully scripted schedule by not showing up on time where they are supposed to be.

But when everybody travels together on a luxurious, state of the art charter bus, you can be sure that your wedding day will go smoothly and efficiently and that everybody will be safe and accounted for. Plus, it will create instant memories that will make your wedding stand out from all the others this season.

Have Fun, Be Safe

The other big advantage is that when you let our safe, reliable, and professional charter operators transport your guests, nobody has to drive. So you and your guests can have as much fun as you want without having to worry about putting your physical health or safety at risk later.

An increasing number of couples are discovering the benefits of including luxury charter buses in their wedding plans. Make your big day safe, efficient, and memorable with



Ground Transportation for Cruise Lines

Ground Transportation


The ports in South Florida are among the busiest in the world for cruise lines. Docks in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and other regional cities serve as the launching point for cruises to the Caribbean, South America, and beyond.

As the old saying goes, “Time and tide wait for no man.” Cruise lines operate under a very tight schedule. Arrivals and departures are timed to the minute so that the massive cruise ships arrive at their destination on time and their berths are open for the next luxury liner to dock. The whole complicated operation needs to work like clockwork.

Ground Transportation

Yet passengers generally don’t work with military precision. Retirees, singles, and other types of cruise passengers follow a more luxurious pace. After all, they are on a long-awaited vacation.

So the problem that cruise operators need to solve is how to get lackadaisical passengers to adhere to the necessarily tight embarkation schedules? The answer is professional, reliable ground transportation from

Our bus operators are used to working with tourists. So we have plenty of time built into our schedules for time-consuming tasks like gathering luggage, taking headcounts, and even making frequent rest stops when necessary — and still getting passengers from the airport to the dock with plenty of time to spare.

On-Time Every Time

Whether you need ground transportation to and from the airport, onshore excursions, or even to collect and deliver crew members in preparation for your next cruise journey, has the experienced, professional luxury bus charter operators you can rely on for fast, efficient service.

It’s been said that coordinating a cruise can be like herding cats. But with taking care of your ground transportation needs, you don’t have to worry about getting passengers, crew, and others to and from the cruise ship on time.




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