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Imagine this scenario: Your team has made it to the finals. If you win one more game, you will be declared state champions. But on the way to the game, your bus breaks down.

The result is either forfeiting the championship game or your team arriving late, too frustrated and distracted to win. Even the smallest delay can get your team off-track. When it comes to winning, timing is everything. So the slightest glitch can throw everything off track.

Every winning coach knows that keeping players focused on the task at hand is essential to playing their best. So when you choose a low-cost, unreliable charter bus company to get your team to the big game, the chances of winning keep going down, down, down.

A  Winning Combination offers the most reliable and experienced sports team transportation in the state. We have taken many championship teams to the finish line with reliable, secure, and luxurious travel.

We have the most comfortable buses, the most experienced drivers, and the latest technology to keep your team on schedule without distractions.

We help your team reach the finish line by getting them to the big game in comfort and style. A focused team is a winning team. And we want your team to win as much as you do.

Through the years, we have brought countless South Florida teams to the big game. From high school to college, amateur to pro teams, we are the luxury charter bus company of choice for the region’s winning teams. Some of the most recognizable teams have reached their goals thanks to the sports transportation professionals at

When you want to get your team to the big game ready to win, you need a carrier that can bring them there in security, comfort, and style. Ride with the champions at

Save Time and Money with

Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter

If you are organizing a large group outing — whether it’s for a social organization, school, or corporation — your first instinct might be to charter a commercial airliner. But if you are going less than 300 miles, it’s probably less costly to arrange to use a luxury charter bus. It may even be faster.

By the time you get everybody to the airport, clear them through security, get them on board, fly to your destination, and then arrange for ground transportation when you land, it can often take longer than it does to simply drive there. And if even one person in your party is afraid of flying, it can make the entire trip unpleasant for everybody else.

Plus, air travel is generally a lot more expensive than a luxury charter bus from

Fast and Easy

With, your group can board anywhere, get taken quickly and efficiently to your destination, and then have your ride back waiting for you whenever you need it. You don’t have to worry about airport traffic, security hassles, or weather delays. Instead, you simply get a fast and easy ride to where you want to go.

On longer journeys — such as cross-country or even anywhere farther than 300 miles away — a charter jet may make sense in some situations. But even longer journeys are often easier to manage with a luxury charter bus from

With, you get the convenience of pickup and dropoff at your selected location. Plus you get the benefit of a smooth, comfortable ride, friendly service, and the assurance that you can come and go according to your schedule — even if it changes at the last minute.

For cost-effective, efficient, and luxurious travel, choose We know how to get you where you are going in comfort, style, and security.


Concert Festival Season Is Starting

Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter

Through the years, the music industry has evolved. Musicians and groups used to be successful if they sold a lot of albums. Today, thanks to streaming, album sales are a relic of the past. So to make a living, most groups have to tour.

But touring is hard, expensive, and takes its toll on the talent. So concert promoters have started organizing big music festivals that feature dozens — even hundreds — of acts on the same stages over just a few days.

This kind of economy of scale is good for the performers, good for the promoters, and a windfall for the fans who get to see all their favorite bands play in one place.

Getting There

The problem is that festivals usually take place only in one place and on a specified date. So unless you are lucky enough to live in the town where they are held, you’re going to have to travel a long distance.

Luxury charter bus rentals from FLBusCharter let you travel to music festivals throughout Florida and beyond in comfort, security, and style. Even the longest trip will seem short when you are surrounded by your friends in the most luxurious of environments.

Group outings to music festivals are one of the fastest-growing business segments for charter bus companies nationwide. In South Florida, offers the safest, most efficient, and most affordable transportation to music festivals throughout the South.

From Florida Groves Fest to the Tampa Bay Blues Festival, Brightside to Breakaway, and beyond, the Florida music festival season is approaching quickly. So it’s important to set up your charter bus transportation now so you don’t miss a single note of your favorite music.

As the music industry evolves, is right there to help you roll with the changes, transporting you and your friends to the summer’s best music festivals in comfort and style.


Schedules and Timetables

Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter

When you organize a group outing, timing is everything. People want to know what time the bus is going to pick them up, what time they will arrive at the destination, what time they will leave for home, and what time they will arrive back where they started.

So information about schedules and timetables is critical. If the organizer doesn’t keep on top of it, there will be frustration, anger, and bad feelings. Fortunately, uses the latest technology and state-of-the-art tools to provide up-to-the-minute updates throughout your trip.

Staying on Time

But keeping to schedules and timetables is a collaborative effort. Drivers don’t know your timing requirements until (or unless) you share them. If you keep your driver in the dark about when you want to be picked up, when you want to arrive, and when you want to leave, your trip is already starting on a bad foot.

When they have your projected timetable, it’s easier for your driver to stick to it.  We use GPS tracking and computer algorithms to track factors like traffic, weather, and construction delays so we can give you accurate timing information — often up to the exact moment when you can expect to arrive.

Nobody wants to run behind schedule. It’s especially frustrating when you are responsible for a large group of people. But when you let drive, you are more likely to arrive on time.

A group outing that runs on time is more likely to have satisfied participants. Sharing information about your timetables makes it easier for our drivers to achieve your objectives. And when you’re happy, we’re happy.

Getting you where you are going safely, efficiently, and on time is the goal of We want your journey to be a successful one. That’s why we always strive to keep you informed about changes to your timetable and schedule.


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