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Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter

Experienced airline passengers know all the tricks: Unless you want to pay extra for in-flight WiFi, you need to download content onto your phone, tablet, or laptop before takeoff so you have something to entertain you while you are in the air. And don’t wait until you get to the airport, either. You may need to pay extra there, too.

At, all passengers on any of our motor coaches can enjoy free lightning-fast WiFi on every journey we make. Now your group can watch, stream, listen, and even work on their devices while letting us take you where you need to be.

Free WiFi

WiFi access has become an important part of practically everybody’s everyday life. Without it, we can’t check our social media accounts, text with friends and family, and stream our favorite music, movies, and TV from anywhere. Knowing this, many airlines have taken advantage of the fact that they have a “captive audience” 10,000 feet in their air. They charge a premium for internet access because they know most people will happily pay for it.

But at, we don’t think it’s fair to make people pay for something they can get for free most everywhere else. That’s why our luxury motor coaches come equipped with high-speed internet and WiFi access for every passenger.

But that’s not all. We also understand that on journeys that can last hours, using your devices can quickly wear down the battery. So in addition to WiFi access, every seat on one of our luxury charter motor coaches also has a place where you can plug in and recharge your phone, laptop, tablet, or other device.

Going places in 2024 shouldn’t mean having to sacrifice web access. With, it doesn’t. For your next group outing, choose the luxury charter bus rental company that takes care of its passengers. Choose

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