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Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter

South Florida is one of the most populated regions in the South, even in the country. Each year, our highways become more and more congested as people from all over the world move here to enjoy the warm weather, the proximity to the beaches and theme parks, and the warm and relaxing “Florida lifestyle”.

In a way, the greater Miami region is a victim of its own success. It’s harder than ever to get around, commute times are getting longer, and being stuck in traffic is as frustrating as ever. Fortunately, there’s a solution:

Creative Solutions to Common Problems

At, we offer creative solutions to the kind of problems South Floridians face every day. Group travel is safer, more comfortable, and far less aggravating when you ride in the comfort and security of one of our luxury charter buses.

Whether you need charter buses for field trips, sports transportation, group outings, corporate events, cruise line ground travel, or even wedding parties, we have the solutions you need to make your travel faster, more comfortable, and more efficient. When you and your group are riding in the luxury of one of our state of the art carrier coaches, you can forget about the aggravations of driving and focus on having fun.

We have the luxury charter buses that make getting around South Florida fun and exciting, not soul-crushing and exasperating. Who cares about traffic jams and frustrating drivers when you can relax in the comfort of one of our luxury charter buses while streaming your favorite videos, music, or video games with the free high-speed WiFi offered on all of our vehicles?

South Florida may be getting more crowded, but is making travel more enjoyable. Book your next outing with us and forget all about the traffic congestion.

The Bus Driver Sets the Tone for the Whole Journey

Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter

Think back to when you were in elementary school. Did you take the bus every morning? If so, what do you remember about the driver?

If you are like most people, you probably had a driver who was grumpy, bossy, and maybe even a little mean. How did that make you feel the rest of the day? Probably not great. Starting the day by being on a bus operated by a driver in a sour mood can sometimes ruin your entire day.

It’s no wonder some people have negative connotations associated with bus travel. Their childhood experience with their unhappy school bus driver can cast a shadow over future bus trips.

Friendly, Helpful Drivers

At, we understand that your school bus experience may color your perspective regarding bus travel. And we understand that the driver’s attitude can set the tone for the entire journey, even the whole rest of the day.

That’s why we only hire drivers who are friendly, helpful, and outgoing. When you travel on one of our luxury charter buses, you never have to worry about dealing with a grumpy driver because our operators love what they do. And it’s evident in the pleasant and friendly atmosphere they create on every journey they take.

There’s a huge difference between traveling on a school bus and riding on one of the state of the art charter carriers operated by — not the least of which is the attitude of the driver. If you think you don’t like traveling on buses due to your childhood experience, think again!

Our buses feature the latest comfort and safety features, including free high-speed WiFi. Your experience will be positive and blissful as you travel in luxury and style on one of our award-winning passenger buses. Plus, your driver will be genuinely happy to see you!

Reading on Long Bus Trips

Miami Bus Charter

Even in an age when most people have instant access to every movie, TV show, song, or any other form of entertainment ever created, reading remains one of the most satisfying and enjoyable pastime activities.

It’s also one of the best ways to pass the time on long bus trips, such as group outings on a luxury bus charter from When you get absorbed in a book, the hours and the miles can just slip away so that by the time you look up from your story, you’ve already arrived at your destination.

Reading for Pleasure

Many people believe they can’t read while traveling inside a vehicle like a bus, a train, or a car. In many instances, this is true because the bumps and vibrations of the journey can make it challenging to see the words on the printed page.’

But it’s different on a luxury charter bus. At, our state of the are coaches feature some of the most advanced suspension and shock aborbing technology ever created. So reading a book while seated in one of our luxury bucket seats can seem as if you are nestled into your favorite chair at home. Once you get involved in a good book, you probably won’t even realize you are riding in a bus.

Our buses feature all the latest entertainment options, including free WiFi. So if you want to stream a video, listen to music, or even play video games as you travel, you can do so in a seamless and carefree environment.

But there’s still something to be said for reading a great book in the comfort and luxury of a carrier coach. Reading is one of life’s simple pleasures. And doing it in the comfort and style of our luxury charter buses makes it all that much more enjoyable.

Group Outings to Crowded Theme Parks Require Planning

Safe and Comfortable

Safe and ComfortableOne of the best things about living in South Florida is our proximity to the state’s famous theme parks. Walt Disney World, Universal  Studios, Sea World, and even Busch Gardens are just a bus ride away, making these places the ideal destination for group outings, including school field trips.

But the problem with Florida’s theme parks is their popularity. During the busy season — which is basically all year round — the parks can attract thousands or even tens of thousands of visitors on any given day. The challenge for group outing organizers is keeping their charges safe while ensuring they have a great time.

Planning for Visits

There are a couple of things you can do to ensure everybody in your group stays safe while enjoying their day at the theme park. First, before you begin make sure you have a comprehensive list of everybody in your group, including their smartphone numbers and the phone numbers of their emergency contact. Keep this with you at all times.

It also may be helpful to take the time to create a group text chat that includes everybody on your roster. This makes it easier to send out instant messages that make organizing group actions — like departure times — a lot simpler.

At, we can do our part in keeping your group safe by ensuring they arrive on time. We also will coordinate with group organizers to ensure nobody every gets accidentally left behind.

Our drivers are experienced at transporting groups of all ages to and from Florida’s famous theme parks. So we can offer helpful advice and tips for keeping people safe throughout the journey.

Florida’s theme parks are some of the world’s most popular destinations for fun and excitement. At, we can help ensure your group has the time of their lives while remaining safe and secure.

Corporate Transportation Takes Many Forms

Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter

At, corporate clients are one of our biggest business segments. But what constitutes “corporate travel” on luxury charter buses? Through the years, it’s taken many shapes.

In some instances, it’s practical: Businesses sometimes need to bring people from one place to another for a defined period of time, such as when the employee parking lot is being renovated or upgraded and workers have to park in a remote lot far away from where they work.

In other cases, it may involve logistics: Touring companies may need a way to get groups of actors, dancers, or other performers from city to city on a multi-date tour.

Corporate Transportation

It could be teams of executives traveling to a business meeting. Or a sales force touring prospective properties. Or a group of employees going to an off-site celebration or special outing.

Maybe you are hosting a company golf outing. Or sponsoring a youth sports league and need to get teams to a tournament site. Or you need to bring a group of clients on a tour of your manufacturing facility or remote properties you have on the market.

There really are no limitations when it comes to the type of corporate transportation provided by If it involves your company, your workers, or your clients moving from one place to another, we can provide the kind of luxury charter bus transportation you need. And we can do it efficiently, safely, and in maximum comfort.

At, we consider ourselves to be collaborators. We team with you to develop highly effective group transportation solutions, whatever the specific needs of your business.

You can rely on us to provide state-of-the-art buses, knowledgeable and helpful staff, and more than a decade’s worth of experience serving the corporate interests of South Florida. So when you need to get people moving, you need


Charter Bus Transportation for Special Events

Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter

At, we provide luxury bus transportation for a variety of well-defined business segments: School transportation and field trips, sports teams, group outings, cruise line ground transportation, and even corporate and wedding charters.

But there are some charters that can’t easily be defined. These fall under the category of “special events” and can include a wide variety of luxury bus transportation solutions.

Special Event Transportation

For example, you may need luxury charter buses to bring groups of people to a remote location for a special party, a meeting, or a congregation. Or perhaps you are leading a tour of a specific location, such as a historic park. Or you may need a charter bus as part of a court case and need to bring jurors and court personnel to a crime scene. Or bring prospective buyers to tour remote acreage far out in the country.

Whatever your special group transport needs are, has the solution. Our fleet of luxurious, reliable buses are always available to transport practically anybody just about anywhere. Whether your special event is across the street or across the state, you can count on us to get you there.

The “special event transportation” category is simply a catch-all for trips that don’t fall into any other category. It includes all kinds of unique and unusual outings. But our luxury charter buses still offer the same kind of comfort, safety, efficiency, and reliability as all of our other client groups.

So if you have special circumstances that require group transportation but you aren’t sure of the logistics, you can simply leave the driving to us. We deal with short-notice, last-minute special event transportation clients all the time.

Whatever your group transportation needs are — even if they are a little out of the blue — you can always rely on

Your Carriage Awaits …

Miami Bus Charter

On your wedding day, you deserve to be treated like a princess. It’s the one day in your life when all eyes will be on you and everyone is sending you their love and best wishes. You will wear a beautiful gown and get to kiss the handsome man of your dreams. It’s like a fairy tale come to life.

So shouldn’t your wedding day transportation be a luxurious carriage? At, one of the fastest-growing business segments is wedding transportation as an increasing number of brides and grooms recognize that adding a luxury charter bus to their wedding day plans increases luxury, comfort, and safety.

Wedding Transportation

Your wedding day is special. So the way you and your bridal party travel from your home to the church, from the church to the site for photos, from the photo site to the reception hall, and from the reception hall to the hotel should be special as well.

A luxury charter bus from can bring luxury and style to your wedding day plans. But it also can add safety, efficiency, and comfort. When you leave the driving to us, we will make sure you not only get to the church on time but to everywhere else on your special day as well.

Our state-of-the-art luxury charter buses are worthy of your wedding day plans. They feature the latest safety features, maximum comfort and luxury, and even the best entertainment options. You’re wedding day travel won’t just be safe and on time, it will be fun as well!

On your wedding day, you are going to look pretty as a princess. Shouldn’t you travel like royalty as well? Call today and reserve your luxury charter bus so that we can serve you and be part of the celebration of your wedding day plans.

Bus Service with a Difference

Miami Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter

When you come right down to it, all charter bus services serve the same purpose: They get groups of people from one place to another. But only does it with style and luxury that can’t be found anywhere else in South Florida.

Our luxury charter buses are the best, sure. Our service staff is always friendly and reliable, of course. But we also offer dependability, safety, reliability, and an overall travel experience that is second to none. So while most other South Florida charter bus carriers are the same, is very, very different.

Luxury and Comfort

The biggest difference is that we prioritize the luxury of the passenger experience. We spend a lot of time and energy considering ways to make your ride with us better, easier, and more enjoyable — from hiring only friendly and helpful drivers to making sure they know where they are going and how to get there both efficiently and safely.

We also have a fleet of the finest luxury charter buses available anywhere. We spared no expense in bringing our passengers the latest technology, the most advanced safety features, and even the latest entertainment options.

When you ride with, you can expect a unique experience that is steeped in luxury and prioritized with comfort and security.

Whether you are organizing a group outing across town, across the state, or even across the county, you can rely on the comfort and luxury of

We serve groups of any size and go anywhere you need to go, from school field trips to sports team transportation, cruise ship passengers to corporate clients, and much more. We even provide wedding transportation.

So if you are looking for a new kind of group transportation experience, one that emphasizes comfort and security while minimizing delays and inefficiencies, your first and only choice should be

Preventing Breakdowns Before They Happen

Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter

Mechanical failures usually don’t just happen on their own. Usually, they are caused by poor maintenance, inattention to normal wear and tear, and a lack of attention to the smallest mechanical details.

A single breakdown on a luxury charter bus can have huge consequences, especially if it delays or ruins your event. If you are sitting by the side of the road waiting for a service provider rather than arriving at your destination on time safely, it’s a bad day. However, you are less likely to experience the unpleasantness and frustration of a mechanical breakdown when you choose as your luxury charter bus provider.

Attention to Detail

At, we give the mechanical details of our luxury bus charters the kind of attention and care you would expect from one of South Florida’s leading charter bus companies. Our mechanics and technicians pore over every detail of our bus engines, transmissions, tire assemblies, and other mechanical systems so that there is minimal risk of failure once our vehicles are on the road.

While many charter bus companies maximize the mileage their vehicles accrue and only hit the garage when there’s a problem, understands the benefits of being proactive when it comes to mechanical systems.

That’s because we know a single failure can directly affect the success or failure of your outing. We never want you to have to spend a single minute sitting by the side of the road when should be arriving at your destination.

Getting delayed by a mechanical breakdown can spoil your event. The last thing you want is to have to explain to your guests why they aren’t enjoying themselves the way you promised.

So if you want a luxury bus company that truly understands the value of keeping their vehicles in optimal condition to minimize failure while maximizing safety, efficiency, and fun, your first choice should be

Big Fun on Your Big Day

Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your entire life. You will want to remember it for all the right reasons, not because of everything that went wrong. Yet there are so many “moving parts” during any wedding day that there’s likely to be at least one unfortunate snafu that could overshadow all the other great memories you are creating.

Yet there’s one simple and effective way to minimize the risk of anything going wrong on your wedding day while keeping the festivities running on schedule and simultaneously keeping everybody safe and enjoying themselves.

Wedding Transportation

By adding a luxury charter bus from to your wedding day plans, you can reduce the risk of delays while keeping your wedding party or even all of your guests on time for important elements like the ceremony, pictures, and the reception.

Wedding transportation has recently become one of the fastest-growing elements of most charter bus rental companies. As more and more couples begin to see the advantages of leaving the driving to a reliable and safe charter bus company like, they are freed to enjoy their day without worrying about things like schedules or the safety and comfort of their guests.

At, we have the elegant, comfortable, and luxurious charter buses you need to keep your wedding problem-free. Get to the church on time — as well as the photo location, the reception, and even the after-party– while being pampered and privileged in one of our spectacularly luxurious charter buses.

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. We genuinely wish you the best. You and your loved one are going to look back at your wedding day memories for the rest of your lives. When you add to your wedding plans, those memories are more likely to be the best ones.


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