COVID’s Over But Our Commitment to Cleanliness Isn’t

Miami Bus Charter

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Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter

The past couple of years have been traumatic for everybody. But with the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic finally fading away into history, many people are relaxing all of the precautions they took since the initial outbreak. The days of social distancing and wearing masks everywhere are over for now at least.

But at, we believe some of the steps we took to keep people safe from infection and to minimize health risks were a pretty good idea. That’s why we have opted to keep following some of the protocols recommend by the CDC even though the pandemic is over.

Sanitation Safety

For one thing, we continue to thoroughly sanitize our vehicles before and after every trip we make. We also provide sanitizing stations on every bus and motor coach for passengers. Our bus drivers and personnel continue to wear protective and safety equipment like masks. And while we no longer require passengers to follow social distancing guidelines, all of the vehicles in our fleet are spacious enough that if anybody wants to keep their distance from other passengers, they usually can without a problem.

But that’s not all. We also have installed new air filter systems to keep clean air circulating throughout our vehicles while they are on the road. While this was a costly upgrade, we feel it makes our vehicles safer and reduces the risk to our passengers.

While these steps are no longer required, we feel they make sense. The health and safety of our clients is always our highest priority. So if we can do anything to improve the security of our passengers without risking their comfort, we will do it.

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