Creating a Safe and Comfortable Field Trip Experience

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Nothing is more precious than our children. So providing a safe and secure experience during school field trips isn’t just desirable, it’s essential. Here are some tips for keeping children safe before, during, and after school field trips to remote locations. Comprehensive Supervision The first and most important thing is to have enough adult supervision […]

The Best Schools Rely on Safe, Comfortable Transportation

Comfortable Transportation

Most people would agree that keeping children safe is one of our most important responsibilities. So when students are moved from their home schools to a remote location such as a sporting competition, a field trip, or a lab outing, it’s critical that they are provided with the safest, most reliable transportation available. Anytime educators […]

There’s a Lot at Stake with School Field Trips

There's a Lot at Stake with School Field Trips

Education administrators are under a lot of pressure. Not only must they provide a thorough, comprehensive learning program for students, they also must achieve top-quality standardized testing scores, maintain aging facilities, and supervise dozens of teachers, assistants, and support staff. Most importantly, however, school officials need to keep children safe. Parents are depending on them […]

Make the Most of Your Next Field Trip


Field trips are supposed to be fun. But they also should be educational. To make the most of your next class outing, follow these suggestions to improve the experience for students. Pre-Trip Research Before the field trip day arrives, announce the location to students and assign a research project related to the destination. For example, […]