It’s Fall Field Trip Season Once Again



It’s another school year and you know what that means: Fall field trip season is once again upon us.

Throughout South Florida, school administrators are making plans for their fall field trips — from trips to the farm for early education students to senior trips for next year’s graduating class. In the coming months, there will be countless trips to zoos, museums, cultural centers, and even theme parks.

But while there are many destinations, field trips all have one thing in common: Students will arrive where they are going in buses. And the luckiest students will get there in luxury charter buses from

Fun and Educational Field Trips

The most memorable field trips are both fun and educational. Children are entertained while learning some useful knowledge. At the same time, they create lasting memories they can cherish for a lifetime. Don’t you remember some of the best field trips from your student days?

The key to successful field trips is for everything to go according to plan. You don’t want your class to remember your field trip for all the wrong reasons. That’s why you should choose to transport your class this fall field trip season.

Our team of experienced, professional charter bus drivers has been connecting students with new experiences for more than a decade. We will get your students to their field trip site in both comfort and luxury. And the journey will be as enjoyable as the destination.

Our buses feature state-of-the-art safety features as well as all the latest entertainment options, including free WiFi on every vehicle. Plus our drivers are friendly, helpful, and used to dealing with young passengers.

The time to start making plans for your fall and spring field trips is right now. Include as part of your next field trip and guarantee your students will have a safe, enjoyable, and memorable experience.

Creating a Safe and Comfortable Field Trip Experience

Safe and Comfortable

Nothing is more precious than our children. So providing a safe and secure experience during school field trips isn’t just desirable, it’s essential.

Here are some tips for keeping children safe before, during, and after school field trips to remote locations.

Comprehensive Supervision – Safe and Comfortable

The first and most important thing is to have enough adult supervision so that all children are continually monitored. Volunteer parents supplement teachers and other school employees throughout the field trip.

Children are going to get distracted and could potentially wander off. So having more than enough supervision so that they are never out of sight is absolutely essential to keeping them safe.

Head Counts 

Taking head counts when children board the bus at the school, get off the bus at the location, get back on the bus at the end of the field trip, and get off the bus at the school will ensure everybody is accounted for.

Smaller groups of children can be assigned to individual supervisors, who can keep a running head count throughout the trip to make sure everybody is safe.

Reliable  Transportation Safe and Comfortable

No matter how many plans you make, the biggest risk of problems occurs when the contracted transportation is unsafe, unreliable, or breaks down. A discount bus charter company is not only frustrating but can be dangerous to the health and safety of your students. provides safe and reliable transportation for school trips throughout South Florida. We have a proven track record of successfully getting students to and from their destinations without any problems. Our drivers are knowledgeable, safety-focused, and friendly.

At, children are our most precious cargo. That’s why we go the extra mile to provide outstanding safe and reliable transportation for elementary, junior high, and high schools, daycare centers, and other institutions during field trips.

The Best Schools Rely on Safe, Comfortable Transportation


Most people would agree that keeping children safe is one of our most important responsibilities. So when students are moved from their home schools to a remote location such as a sporting competition, a field trip, or a lab outing, it’s critical that they are provided with the safest, most reliable transportation available.

Anytime educators opt to remove students from school property to someplace else, the liability risk increases. And the further students go, the school’s responsibility increases exponentially. That’s why the best schools choose the safest and most comfortable transportation:

The Advantage – Transportation

School administrators have trusted for more than a decade. Our reliable drivers have an impeccable safety record and the luxury and comfort of our buses are second to none. We have a proven track record of success in transporting students of all ages to away games, field trips, and even out-of-state senior trips.

From colleges, high schools, and even elementary schools, educators have relied on to provide safe, secure travel to the furthest reaches of Florida and beyond. Both public and private schools consistently choose our luxury charter buses because they know their most precious cargo — their students — are in good hands.

Transportation – Getting There Safely

From our drivers’ outstanding safety record to our navigational systems to our onboard entertainment options, offers the best student transportation option for school districts and private institutions alike. We will get your students where they are going safely, comfortably, and efficiently. Our primary objective is to keep your students safe throughout every mile of their journey.

So if you are looking for safe, reliable transportation for your next student outing, join the dozens of schools that have made their first choice for safe, reliable student transportation. Our safety record speaks for itself and our luxurious charter buses are steeped in comfort.

There’s a Lot at Stake with School Field Trips

School Field Trips

Education administrators are under a lot of pressure. Not only must they provide a thorough, comprehensive learning program for students, they also must achieve top-quality standardized testing scores, maintain aging facilities, and supervise dozens of teachers, assistants, and support staff.

Most importantly, however, school officials need to keep children safe. Parents are depending on them to provide for the safety and well-being of their most precious children for hours at a time five days per week during the school year.

Providing for school safety when students are in the classroom is challenging enough. But when they leave the safety of the school grounds and go to a remote location for a field trip, the risks are increased.

The Risk of Unreliable Transportation

The last thing a school administrator wants to do is to call the parents of 30 or 40 children to tell them their field trip transportation has broken down and their kids are stranded by the side of a road somewhere.

The consequences of making the wrong decision for school field trip transportation are enormous. Not only can it put children’s safety at risk, but it also can put school administrators in the hot seat. It may even lead to civil lawsuits filed against the school, not to mention bad publicity. And that’s not anything school administrators or school boards want to deal with.

There’s a Lot at Stake with School Field Trips – Safety Record

That’s why a growing number of school administrators are choosing for all their school field trip transportation needs. our fleet of new, reliable tour buses can transport students where they are going in comfort and luxury.

Plus, they feature state-of-the-art safety features that help ensure there will be zero complications along the way. And our drivers are the best in the business.

School field trips are too important to take chances with low-bid, bargain-basement transportation. Choose the safest. Choose the best. Choose

Make the Most of Your Next Field Trip

field trip

Field trips are supposed to be fun. But they also should be educational. To make the most of your next class outing, follow these suggestions to improve the experience for students.

Pre-Trip Research

Before the field trip day arrives, announce the location to students and assign a research project related to the destination. For example, if you have scheduled a field trip for younger elementary school students to the local zoo, have them choose the animal they most want to see then have them write a short paragraph about that specific animal.

Older students visiting a museum, planetarium, aquarium, or other destination can be assigned more comprehensive pre-trip assignments, such as a 300-word essay on what they most are looking forward to during their field trip.

Field trip – Hands-On Experience

Most children learn better if they have something tactile to hold onto during their experience. If possible, arrange to have pass-outs such as official brochures, maps, or information about the destination.

Inquire about educational programs offered by the venue. Free materials are often available from popular field trip destinations such as museums. But make sure to inquire early so that there is plenty of time to make arrangements for the delivery and distribution of materials.

Make It Count

During the bus ride back, ask students questions about their experience. What did they like most? What would they do again? Did their pre-trip research enhance their experience?

Prepare a field trip worksheet that includes both factual and subjective questions about their experience. Have them complete it at home and return it as homework the next day. This encourages students to think about their field trip experience so they can remember and learn from it.

Field trips should combine fun and learning in an environment that is new and engaging. Creating lasting memories while learning something new is the goal.


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