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Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your. It’s a day to be savored and enjoyed, not one filled with worry and frustration.

At, we know that the key to a successful wedding day so choosing vendors that will offer solutions, not cause more problems. That’s why so many couples are choosing us to transport their wedding parties and even their guests to the various venues featured on their wedding day.

Wedded Bliss

An increasing number of couples are including charter buses as part of their wedding day plans. When you provide transportation for your wedding party and your guests, it helps keep your busy day on schedule.

We deliver people where they need to be when they need to be there, whether it’s getting people to the church on time, getting the wedding party to the place where photos will be taken, or making sure your guests arrive at the banquet hall safely and with plenty of time to enjoy themselves.

And in South Florida, we can also ensure your guests are cool, dry, and comfortable throughout the day, even when the heat and humidity don’t always coincide with your wedding day plans.

You want to remember your wedding day as the most special day filled with love, not for all the things that went wrong. You can help ensure your wedding goes off a hitch by allowing to take care of your wedding transportation.

Our drivers are experienced and knowledgeable. We’ve helped so many South Florida couples start their lives together with a wedding day that is not only safe and enjoyable but also on schedule.

When it’s your big day, make sure everything goes according to plan. Let handle all of your wedding day transportation so you can focus on what’s truly important: Your love for one another.

Passengers and Crew Arrive on Time with

The cruise industry is one of the leading employers in South Florida. And as every cruise line employee can attest, time and tide wait for no man.

When they are on a two-day, week-long, or multi-week cruise, every ship sailing on the high seas needs to adhere to a tight schedule. And that begins with leaving port on time. Even the slightest delay in casting off will result in schedule complications all the way down the line.

Cruise Control

FLBusCharter. com is the luxury bus charter company that understands the importance of meeting the tight schedules required by cruise line companies. We can transport passengers and crew alike to the port with plenty of time to spare so that there are no delays to the cruise schedule.

Whether you are arranging for a group of passengers to be delivered from the airport to the dock or simply shuttling employees from the long-term parking lot to the ship’s crew entrance, is the reliable, experienced charter bus company that appreciates the pressures the cruise industry works under.

With a lot of charter bus companies, there’s no sense of urgency. That’s because they aren’t used to working with cruise lines. In the luxury cruise industry, every minute matters. offers comfortable luxury charter buses with all the latest safety features. We also have friendly, helpful drivers who are experienced at navigating South Florida’s roads and know how to get where they are going with minimum time and maximum efficiency.

We also keep our buses in ship shape so there are never any delays due to breakdowns or similar problems.

Cruise lines and other companies working within South Florida’s cruise industry can rely on to get their passengers and crew to the port on time and ready to enjoy their experience.

Sports Teams Win When Choosing


TeamWhen you choose to transport your sports team to the big game, you’re already a winner!  That’s because our luxury charter buses will deliver your team to the competition in a winning frame of mind.

As every coach knows, there are so many things that can distract your team from their primary objective: Winning. Things like delays, getting lost, rude or unfriendly drivers, and other frustrations will take your players’ focus away from the game at hand. And the last thing winning coaches want is an unhappy or distracted team.

Winning Journeys

But has been taking winning teams to away games for more than a decade. High school, college, and even pro teams know that they can rely on our luxury bus charters to deliver them to the big game with a winning attitude.

Competition begins with arriving ready to play. Whether the game is across town or on the other side of the state, our comfortable, safe, and reliable luxury charter buses will deliver your team to the arena of competition without distraction and ready to give it their all on the field. Your competition won’t know what hit them when your team takes the court or the field rested, focused, and ready to win.

When you choose to transport your sports team to away games, you are booking more than just another charter bus company. You chose the winning company that understands how to keep athletes focused on the task at hand by eliminating any distractions or frustrations that can take their eye off the ball.

Our team of experienced, professional drivers, bookers, and others will help your team play to their fullest potential by delivering them in a winning frame of mind. When you choose for your sports team, you are already a winner! Offers Both Security and Luxury

Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter

Choosing a bus company to provide transportation for your group outing can be risky. If you make the wrong choice, you may end up disappointed. And the people relying on you may hold you accountable.

There are many tour bus charter rental companies in South Florida. But only offers comprehensive security, comfort, and hospitality while providing the modern and luxurious buses available today.

If you are planning a group outing and want the experience to be problem-free while offering your guests the most exclusive and comfortable vehicles on the road, your first and only choice should be

Luxury and Style

There’s more to a successful outing than just getting from Point A to Point B safely. You also want your guests to be impressed with the quality of the experience from a luxury and comfort perspective. And that’s exactly what you will get with

Our fleet includes only the most modern buses with the most technologically advanced safety features. Plus, your tour groups will enjoy unprecedented comfort from the moment they step on board.

But there’s more to the experience. Our drivers are friendly, helpful, and 100 percent committed to the safety and comfort of their passengers. They’re also experienced and knowledgeable, so you never have to worry about getting lost or driving a route that includes unnecessary and frustrating delays.

At, we spent more than a decade being South Florida’s finest and most reliable luxury bus rental company. We’ve provided comfortable, reliable transportation for all types of groups, including school field trips, social organizations, corporate clients, and sports teams at every level including many of the region’s professional sports organizations.

When you want luxurious, comfortable, and safe group transportation, has everything you are looking for and more. So why take a chance with an unknown company? Choose the bus company you know will deliver every time:



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