Older Adults Require Extra Time When Traveling

Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter

If you are scheduling a group outing that includes older adults, it’s a good idea to add a little extra time to the beginning and end of your journey — and maybe in the middle as well.

The fact is that older adults often require a little extra time when traveling. It can take them longer physically to get on and off the bus. Some may require more frequent bathroom breaks. And it’s important to make sure older people are well-nourished and hydrated, especially if they are taking medications.

Senior Citizens

Group outings for senior centers, social clubs for older adults, and other events for people over a certain age are common. Retirees tend to have more free time. And older people love to explore new places and learn new things just as much as anybody else.

It just takes a little more tender loving care and patience when organizing a group outing for older adults, especially when it comes to scheduling. You want to make sure everybody has a great time and doesn’t feel rushed or pressured while they are enjoying their outing. Make sure there is plenty of time before, during, and after every segment of the journey — from the departure time to the bathroom and meal breaks to the time spent at the destination itself.


Fortunately, FLBusCharter.com has a lot of experience transporting groups of older adults on day outings and other trips. There are a lot of retirees in South Florida and you better believe they are active and love to get out and do things, especially in big groups of friends and acquaintances.

Our buses are comfortable and safe, our drivers are friendly and patient, and our experience dealing with older passengers is second to none.

If you are tasked with organizing a group outing for seniors, make sure you include plenty of extra time. And use FLBusCharter.com for all your transportation needs.


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