Creating a Safe and Comfortable Field Trip Experience

School Bus Charter in Fort Lauderdale

Nothing is more precious than our children. So providing a safe and secure experience during school field trips isn’t just desirable, it’s essential. Here are some tips for keeping children safe before, during, and after school field trips to remote locations. Comprehensive Supervision The first and most important thing is to have enough adult supervision […]

5 Things Championship Teams Need to Know

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Winning a championship doesn’t happen by luck. It’s the result of a combination of factors that all add up to one goal: Being the best. Here are five things all winning teams have in common. Team Unity First of all, it’s a team, not a group of individuals. While each member has their own particular […]

Make Your Wedding Day More Memorable

Wedding. Wedding party

It’s that time of year again: Wedding Season. If you are like most people, spring brings the arrival of warmer weather, migratory birds, and wedding invitations in your mailbox. But when it’s your wedding that you are attending, it’s important that you make it safe, enjoyable, and most importantly memorable for everybody who attends. That’s […]

Ground Transportation for Cruise Lines

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The ports in South Florida are among the busiest in the world for cruise lines. Docks in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and other regional cities serve as the launching point for cruises to the Caribbean, South America, and beyond. As the old saying goes, “Time and tide wait for no man.” Cruise lines operate under a […]

Comfort and Security Are of Primary Importance

Corporate Bus Charter in Fort Lauderdale

There are lots of charter bus companies in Fort Lauderdale. But only combines the most luxurious, state-of-the-art buses with unsurpassed safety and security on every trip we make. At, we know how important it is that every passenger feel both safe and comfortable throughout the entire journey. That’s why we have invested in […]

Why Would Businesses Use a Charter Bus Company?

Corporate Bus Charter Fort Lauderdale

When most people think of luxury charter bus rentals in Fort Lauderdale, they typically associate them with transporting sports teams to away games, bringing students on field trips, or perhaps shuttling senior clubs to shopping outings or to a stage play. But in reality, gets a lot of its businesses from companies, both large […]

The Best Schools Rely on Safe, Comfortable Transportation

Comfortable Transportation

Most people would agree that keeping children safe is one of our most important responsibilities. So when students are moved from their home schools to a remote location such as a sporting competition, a field trip, or a lab outing, it’s critical that they are provided with the safest, most reliable transportation available. Anytime educators […] The Sports Team Transportation Experts

Sports Team Transportation

There are a number of reasons why high school, college, and club sports teams in South Florida rely on for their sports team transportation. First, we get you to the game on time. Second, we get you there safely and stress-free. Finally, we allow for flexibility in our scheduling. These three reasons are why […]

Corporate Transportation Relies on Luxury

Corporate Bus Charter in Fort Lauderdale

The image of your business is just as important as the products and services that you offer. So anything that can derail that image, no matter how small, needs to be avoided at all costs. It can be something as seemingly unimportant as transporting employees, visitors, or shareholders from one place to another. For example, […]

Wedding Transportation Makes Your Big Day Better

Wedding Transportation

If you are planning on getting married soon, consider including wedding transportation as part of your celebration plans. Chartering a luxury tour bus to transport the happy couple and your wedding party to and from wedding celebration events helps you keep your big day on schedule as well as keeping everybody safe. Getting Ready for […]

Corporate Expansion and Charter Buses

Corporate Transportation Bus Charter Fort Lauderdale

As the global pandemic fades into memory, many businesses are planning their next chapter. For some, that includes renovation or expansion of their corporate property. Construction is always disruptive. But offers a solution to companies whose normal employee parking is temporarily unavailable due to new building: Shuttle buses. Streamlined Efficiency Here’s how it works: […]

There’s a Lot at Stake with School Field Trips

There's a Lot at Stake with School Field Trips

Education administrators are under a lot of pressure. Not only must they provide a thorough, comprehensive learning program for students, they also must achieve top-quality standardized testing scores, maintain aging facilities, and supervise dozens of teachers, assistants, and support staff. Most importantly, however, school officials need to keep children safe. Parents are depending on them […]

Book Your Sports Team Transportation Early


One of the best things about being a sports fan is that there is always a new season to look forward to. Springtime brings the start of the baseball season. Late summer is the football pre-season. And early winter is basketball and hockey. Whatever the time of year, there’s always the start of a new […]

Make the Most of Your Next Field Trip


Field trips are supposed to be fun. But they also should be educational. To make the most of your next class outing, follow these suggestions to improve the experience for students. Pre-Trip Research Before the field trip day arrives, announce the location to students and assign a research project related to the destination. For example, […]

Entertaining Group Tours during Long Trips


Group travel can create unique challenges. One of the biggest is keeping your tour group entertained during a long bus ride. Even luxury tour bus seats can seem to confine after a few hours. So one of the most effective ways to pass the time is to distract riders with engaging entertainment. When people are […]

With Group Travel, Every Minute Counts


Coordinating a trip for a large group of people is no easy task. There are so many tiny details to consider. Then there are the inevitable delays. Traveling with a large group takes approximately 35 percent longer than traveling alone or with just one other person. That’s because the group as a whole can only […]

Worry-Free Travel for Your Sports Team

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The key to winning is focus. All the training, practice, and preparation in the world can go out the window if your sports team arrives on game day distracted, anxious, or out of sorts. That’s why choosing the right charter bus company is so important. If you choose a company that is unreliable, unprofessional, and […]

Make the Most of Your Group Outing Experience

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Taking a group outing on a luxury tour bus from is entertaining as well as educational. But it also is a social experience that allows riders the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Depending on where your group is going, your bus ride can last up to several hours. While many […]