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As a Fort Lauderdale bus charter company specializing in sports team transportation, offers several advantages to South Florida high school, college, and club sports teams. Here are a few reasons why teams choose our services:

First, we get you to the game on time. Second, we get you there safely and stress-free. Finally, we allow for flexibility in our scheduling.

Our luxury charter buses are leading the leagues among South Florida sports team transportation providers for these three reasons.

Reliable, Safe Transportation

Your team can’t win if it doesn’t arrive at its destination on time. Opposing teams aren’t going to care if your team bus broke down, if the driver got lost, or if you got a late start and your arrival was delayed. It’s just going to go down as a forfeit.

Similarly, if your team members are stressed out when they arrive because the driver didn’t follow safety procedures, if the condition of the bus itself was hazardous, or even if the driver was grouchy or arrogant, they aren’t going to perform to their highest potential. And that puts your team at a disadvantage even before the game begins.

Flexible Scheduling

Every coach knows that while schedules are drawn up well in advance of the season, there are inevitably going to be last-minute changes that will affect game times. Rainouts lead to double-headers. Games going into overtime keeps teams at the stadium longer than expected. Post-season games are only added after the regular schedule already has been completed.

Coaches, athletic directors, and league schedulers rely on charter bus companies to have a great deal of flexibility because sports are unpredictable. is one of the fastest-growing sports team transportation providers in South Florida because we understand how team sports works and strive to accommodate changes as they occur.

If you want safe, reliable, and flexible transportation for your sports team, you need

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