Creating a Safe and Comfortable Field Trip Experience

Safe and Comfortable

Nothing is more precious than our children. So providing a safe and secure experience during school field trips isn’t just desirable, it’s essential.

Here are some tips for keeping children safe before, during, and after school field trips to remote locations.

Comprehensive Supervision – Safe and Comfortable

The first and most important thing is to have enough adult supervision so that all children are continually monitored. Volunteer parents supplement teachers and other school employees throughout the field trip.

Children are going to get distracted and could potentially wander off. So having more than enough supervision so that they are never out of sight is absolutely essential to keeping them safe.

Head Counts 

Taking head counts when children board the bus at the school, get off the bus at the location, get back on the bus at the end of the field trip, and get off the bus at the school will ensure everybody is accounted for.

Smaller groups of children can be assigned to individual supervisors, who can keep a running head count throughout the trip to make sure everybody is safe.

Reliable  Transportation Safe and Comfortable

No matter how many plans you make, the biggest risk of problems occurs when the contracted transportation is unsafe, unreliable, or breaks down. A discount bus charter company is not only frustrating but can be dangerous to the health and safety of your students. provides safe and reliable transportation for school trips throughout South Florida. We have a proven track record of successfully getting students to and from their destinations without any problems. Our drivers are knowledgeable, safety-focused, and friendly.

At, children are our most precious cargo. That’s why we go the extra mile to provide outstanding safe and reliable transportation for elementary, junior high, and high schools, daycare centers, and other institutions during field trips.

5 Things Championship Teams Need to Know



We are a premium Fort Lauderdale bus charter company that provides the

perfect solution for your sports group transportation needs. By chartering a bus, you can ensure that your team travels together in comfort, safety, and style. With a professional driver at the wheel, your team can relax and focus on their upcoming games or events.

Winning a championship doesn’t happen by luck. It’s the result of a combination of factors that all add up to one goal: Being the best.

Here are five things all winning teams have in common.

Team Unity

First of all, it’s a team, not a group of individuals. While each member has their own particular skills, winning teams assemble all these smaller pieces into one larger, coherent whole. A championship team is larger than the sum of its parts.

Do Your Homework

One of the most overlooked elements of winning is never being surprised by your opponent. Winning teams do their homework, scout the competition, watch hours of video, and know in advance what to expect when they finally square off on the playing field.

Hone Your Game Plan

Coaches who have an effective game plan are more likely to win. That’s just a fact. Those who “wing it” or fail to practice enough are not going to win. Period.

Expect the Unexpected

A game plan is important. But so is being able to improvise when meeting something unexpected. It’s inevitable that plans are going to fall apart, plays are going to get broken, and your team is going to have to “call an audible” on the field. Practicing this ahead of time and giving your team leaders the freedom to think on their feet will only make them stronger contenders.

Reliability Matters

All the practice and planning don’t matter if your team doesn’t get to the big game on time. has a long track record of delivering winning teams to away games in comfort and security and as well as arriving on time.

When you treat your team like winners, they are going to be winners. lets your team arrive in the right frame of mind to win.

Make Your Wedding Day More Memorable



It’s that time of year again: Wedding Season. If you are like most people, spring brings the arrival of warmer weather, migratory birds, and wedding invitations in your mailbox.

But when it’s your wedding that you are attending, it’s important that you make it safe, enjoyable, and most importantly memorable for everybody who attends. That’s why you should consider including luxury charter buses from as part of your wedding day plans.

Safe and Efficient

The two biggest benefits of including luxury charter buses as part of your big day are that they 1.) will keep your guests safe, and 2.) Will keep your wedding day plans running on time.

The biggest obstacle to efficiency is human nature. When you leave your wedding party or even your guests on their own between the ceremony and the reception, odds are at least some of them are going to get lost, wander off, or otherwise ruin your carefully scripted schedule by not showing up on time where they are supposed to be.

But when everybody travels together on a luxurious, state of the art charter bus, you can be sure that your wedding day will go smoothly and efficiently and that everybody will be safe and accounted for. Plus, it will create instant memories that will make your wedding stand out from all the others this season.

Have Fun, Be Safe

The other big advantage is that when you let our safe, reliable, and professional charter operators transport your guests, nobody has to drive. So you and your guests can have as much fun as you want without having to worry about putting your physical health or safety at risk later.

An increasing number of couples are discovering the benefits of including luxury charter buses in their wedding plans. Make your big day safe, efficient, and memorable with



Ground Transportation for Cruise Lines

Ground Transportation


The ports in South Florida are among the busiest in the world for cruise lines. Docks in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and other regional cities serve as the launching point for cruises to the Caribbean, South America, and beyond.

As the old saying goes, “Time and tide wait for no man.” Cruise lines operate under a very tight schedule. Arrivals and departures are timed to the minute so that the massive cruise ships arrive at their destination on time and their berths are open for the next luxury liner to dock. The whole complicated operation needs to work like clockwork.

Ground Transportation

Yet passengers generally don’t work with military precision. Retirees, singles, and other types of cruise passengers follow a more luxurious pace. After all, they are on a long-awaited vacation.

So the problem that cruise operators need to solve is how to get lackadaisical passengers to adhere to the necessarily tight embarkation schedules? The answer is professional, reliable ground transportation from

Our bus operators are used to working with tourists. So we have plenty of time built into our schedules for time-consuming tasks like gathering luggage, taking headcounts, and even making frequent rest stops when necessary — and still getting passengers from the airport to the dock with plenty of time to spare.

On-Time Every Time

Whether you need ground transportation to and from the airport, onshore excursions, or even to collect and deliver crew members in preparation for your next cruise journey, has the experienced, professional luxury bus charter operators you can rely on for fast, efficient service.

It’s been said that coordinating a cruise can be like herding cats. But with taking care of your ground transportation needs, you don’t have to worry about getting passengers, crew, and others to and from the cruise ship on time.



Comfort and Security Are of Primary Importance

Comfort and Security

There are lots of charter bus companies in Fort Lauderdale. But only combines the most luxurious, state-of-the-art buses with unsurpassed safety and security on every trip we make.

At, we know how important it is that every passenger feel both safe and comfortable throughout the entire journey. That’s why we have invested in the latest, most technologically advanced buses fitted with the best comfort features in the industry.

Plus we hire only the safest, most reliable bus drivers who are 100 percent focused on their passengers’ safety and security every mile of the journey.

Comfort and Security  = Value

You can pay less for older, less reliable buses. But is the money saved really worth it when the bus breaks down, your passengers complain that they are cramped and uncomfortable, or your driver doesn’t know where they’re going? is competitively priced. Yet we offer the best product in the marketplace today. That’s because our buses are luxuriously appointed and feature the latest entertainment options so the miles will fly by for you and your passengers.

And our drivers are committed to giving their passengers a comfortable, secure, and efficient with no unwanted distractions or interruptions. Our operators are more like limo drivers than traditional bus drivers. And that’s the way our passengers expect it.

Comfort and Security = Client

For your next outing, sports team transportation, wedding travel, or other event requiring a luxury bus charter in South Florida, choose the only bus rental company that combines luxury and safety in every trip we make. When is behind the wheel, you and your passengers will enjoy the journey nearly as much as you do your destination. has a proven track record of success, providing thousands of miles of safe, reliable, and dependable transportation in maximum comfort and security. You can expect the exceptional from

Why Would Businesses Use a Charter Bus Company?

Charter Bus

 Charter Bus When most people think of luxury charter bus rentals in Fort Lauderdale, they typically associate them with transporting sports teams to away games, bringing students on field trips, or perhaps shuttling senior clubs to shopping outings or to a stage play.

But in reality, gets a lot of its businesses from companies, both large ones and small. So why would businesses need to charter luxury charter buses? The reasons are usually unique to the individual company’s needs. But here are some examples.

Cruise Lines

Some of our biggest clients are cruise ship operators. The obvious reason would be getting passengers from the airport to the dock and back again. But cruise lines also use charter buses to ensure employees get where they are going on time and for land excursions for ships making ports of call at Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and other popular cruise line destinations.

South Florida is one of the busiest regions for cruise lines. In fact, most of the Caribbean cruises leaving from the US operate out of either Miami or Fort Lauderdale.

But cargo shipping is also a major industry in our area as well. And they similarly use luxury charter buses all the time, especially for transporting crews to area hotels and back to cargo ships when they are ready to launch on their next voyage.

Corporate Clients

Big companies use our luxury charter buses as well. And for all kinds of reasons.

Sometimes it’s to carry employees from remote parking lots to company headquarters during renovations. Or it might be to bring a group of executives to a proposed building site.

Whatever the reason, has state-of-the-art buses, friendly and helpful drivers, and outstanding safety records that South Florida small businesses, large corporations, and even entire industries can rely on for reliable, efficient, and cost-effective group transportation.

The Best Schools Rely on Safe, Comfortable Transportation


Most people would agree that keeping children safe is one of our most important responsibilities. So when students are moved from their home schools to a remote location such as a sporting competition, a field trip, or a lab outing, it’s critical that they are provided with the safest, most reliable transportation available.

Anytime educators opt to remove students from school property to someplace else, the liability risk increases. And the further students go, the school’s responsibility increases exponentially. That’s why the best schools choose the safest and most comfortable transportation:

The Advantage – Transportation

School administrators have trusted for more than a decade. Our reliable drivers have an impeccable safety record and the luxury and comfort of our buses are second to none. We have a proven track record of success in transporting students of all ages to away games, field trips, and even out-of-state senior trips.

From colleges, high schools, and even elementary schools, educators have relied on to provide safe, secure travel to the furthest reaches of Florida and beyond. Both public and private schools consistently choose our luxury charter buses because they know their most precious cargo — their students — are in good hands.

Transportation – Getting There Safely

From our drivers’ outstanding safety record to our navigational systems to our onboard entertainment options, offers the best student transportation option for school districts and private institutions alike. We will get your students where they are going safely, comfortably, and efficiently. Our primary objective is to keep your students safe throughout every mile of their journey.

So if you are looking for safe, reliable transportation for your next student outing, join the dozens of schools that have made their first choice for safe, reliable student transportation. Our safety record speaks for itself and our luxurious charter buses are steeped in comfort.

The Sports Team Transportation Experts


As a Fort Lauderdale bus charter company specializing in sports team transportation, offers several advantages to South Florida high school, college, and club sports teams. Here are a few reasons why teams choose our services:

First, we get you to the game on time. Second, we get you there safely and stress-free. Finally, we allow for flexibility in our scheduling.

Our luxury charter buses are leading the leagues among South Florida sports team transportation providers for these three reasons.

Reliable, Safe Transportation – Team

Your team can’t win if it doesn’t arrive at its destination on time. Opposing teams aren’t going to care if your team bus broke down, if the driver got lost, or if you got a late start and your arrival was delayed. It’s just going to go down as a forfeit.

Similarly, if your team members are stressed out when they arrive because the driver didn’t follow safety procedures, if the condition of the bus itself was hazardous, or even if the driver was grouchy or arrogant, they aren’t going to perform to their highest potential. And that puts your team at a disadvantage even before the game begins.

Flexible Scheduling – Team

Every coach knows that while schedules are drawn up well in advance of the season, there are inevitably going to be last-minute changes that will affect game times. Rainouts lead to double-headers. Games going into overtime keeps teams at the stadium longer than expected. Post-season games are only added after the regular schedule already has been completed.

Coaches, athletic directors, and league schedulers rely on charter bus companies to have a great deal of flexibility because sports are unpredictable. is one of the fastest-growing sports team transportation providers in South Florida because we understand how team sports works and strive to accommodate changes as they occur.

If you want safe, reliable, and flexible transportation for your sports team, you need

Corporate Transportation Relies on Luxury


The image of your business is just as important as the products and services that you offer. So anything that can derail that image, no matter how small, needs to be avoided at all costs.

It can be something as seemingly unimportant as transporting employees, visitors, or shareholders from one place to another. For example, if you need to bring a group of investors to a construction site or a group of shareholders to the annual meeting, putting them into a dilapidated old school bus — or even a charter bus that doesn’t feature the latest luxury and conveniences — could do monumental harm to your business’s reputation.

Corporate Transportation

Corporate transportation is one of the fastest-growing areas in the charter bus industry. As the marketplace continues to morph and adapt to continually changing business conditions, companies have more need than ever to provide reliable, luxurious transportation for customers, investors, and even employees.

There’s no one way to describe the typical corporate transportation charter. There are literally as many applications as there are companies that need charter buses. Some may require top-quality transportation to shuttle employees from remote parking to their headquarters while others may need to manage the mass movement of prospective customers to a remote demonstration. Still, others may need executive transportation for leadership or to impress top shareholders. 

Yet all of these things have one thing in common: They all require top-quality, luxury charter bus transportation that will benefit, rather than harm, the reputation of their businesses. It’s the attention to details that often determine which businesses succeed and which fail. Providing the best corporate charter transportation can only enhance your business’s reputation because it tells the people who matter that you care about their comfort and security. is one of the leading providers of luxury charter bus transportation for schools, groups, institutions, and businesses. Find out why for yourself by calling for your next transportation application.

Wedding Transportation Makes Your Big Day Better


If you are planning on getting married soon, consider including wedding transportation as part of your celebration plans.

Chartering a luxury tour bus to transport the happy couple and your wedding party to and from wedding celebration events helps you keep your big day on schedule as well as keeping everybody safe.

Wedding – Getting Ready for the Big Day

Regardless of how much planning you do, there are always going to be unexpected twists on your wedding day. One of the most common is when the bride and groom arrive late to their own wedding reception because it took too long to take pictures after the ceremony. This is especially true if the wedding pictures are to be taken at a remote site away from the church.

Traffic, coordinating everybody in your wedding party, and lots of distractions make it easy to lose track of time. Meanwhile, all of your other guests are anxiously awaiting your big arrival at the reception.

A simple solution is to charter a luxury tour bus to keep your entire wedding party intact and on schedule. Plus, your private party bus allows you to keep your celebration going without ever losing a minute of fun.

Wedding – After the Reception

Some couples also book transportation to take guests back to their hotels after the party’s over. This lets people have as much fun at your wedding without having to worry about getting in trouble afterward. It also shows how much you care about the safety and well-being of your wedding guests.

Whether you want to charter luxury transportation to keep your wedding party safe and on schedule, post-party transportation for out-of-towners attending your reception, or any other transportation needs on your big day, has the vehicles and drivers you can count on to make your wedding day go smoothly.


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