Caution: Precious Cargo On Board!

Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter

Our children are our most important resource. Not only do they bring us joy and love every day. They also ensure our future is secure and give us hope that everything is going to be all right.

So when we transport schoolchildren aboard our luxury charter buses, all of us here at understand that we are carrying our most precious cargo. While our drivers always drive safely and responsibly, they make an extra effort to ensure that nothing ever happens to our little angels.

The Greatest Love

We carry school groups all the time: On field trips, to sports competitions, and even to everyday travel to and from school in some instances. But every trip is special because whenever we carry children we make an extra effort to care even more, be extra careful and cautious, and treat them with the respect and love that they deserve.

It’s fair to say that we treat your children with the same gentleness and love that we would our own kids. As parents ourselves, we know how important our kids are to our lives, our love, and our happiness. So we make sure your kids are always safe, always comfortable, and always in good hands. is one of the leading providers of transportation for school field trips and elementary, high school, and college sports teams in  South Florida. We’ve become the first choice for so many school districts and private institutions for one reason: We take our responsibility for carrying your kids very seriously.

Our luxury charter buses feature the latest state-of-the-art safety features and are meticulously maintained. Our drivers are vetted so that only those with the best driving records are allowed behind the wheel. And our entire staff is devoted to the safety, comfort, and security of your children.

The Leader in South Florida Wedding Transportation

Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter

Did you know that there is a wedding boom going on right now? So many couples are getting married that there is high competition for the best banquet halls, wedding bands, and even churches.

Maybe it’s because the COVID pandemic delayed so many weddings or perhaps there are just more people falling in love. Whatever the reason, if you want to ensure you get your first choices for your upcoming, the earlier you book, the better — including wedding transportation from

Wedding Transportation

“Wedding transportation? Do you mean the limo for the bride and groom?”

If this were the 1990s, yes. But it’s the 21st Century and today’s couples are hiring luxury charter buses to carry the entire wedding party from place to place — or even all of their guests from the hotel to the church to the banquet hall and back to the hotel.

Wedding transportation is gaining in popularity because it’s safe, it’s reliable, and it ensures that everything goes off on time and according to schedule on your big day. If a few of the bridesmaids or groomsmen get distracted and arrive late to the location for post-ceremony pictures, it’s going to throw the whole day off schedule.

Luxury charter buses from ensure that everybody gets to the church on time — and everywhere else, for that matter.

Wedding transportation has become the fastest-growing business segment for most luxury charter bus companies, not only in South Florida but everywhere. And with so many couples getting married, if you want to make sure you get the best luxury vehicles for your date, the time to call is right now.

Getting married is joyous but it’s also stressful. You’ve got enough to worry about. Take some of the anxiety off of your plate by leaving the wedding day driving to

Our Mechanics Ensure a Seamless Travel Experience

Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter

Have you ever taken public transportation and experienced a breakdown? It can be a nightmare. When buses and trains stop working, it can add anxious hours to your travel time, making you late for work. And when you get there, you will be frustrated and not at all in the mood to be productive.

Unfortunately, it’s not an uncommon experience. Many public transportation companies have vast fleets and not enough experienced mechanics and technicians to maintain them. The result is frequent breakdowns, angry passengers, and an unreliable and unpleasant experience. No wonder so many public transportation lines are failing.

Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

At, we take a different approach to taking care of our fleet of luxury charter buses. Not only do we have a full staff of qualified, experienced mechanics and techs to take care of them, but we also conduct frequent multi-point inspections that let us identify and correct any potential issues before they affect our passengers.

This allows us to provide you with a seamless, pleasant travel experience whenever you ride with us. We are proud of our safety and on-time arrival record and we strive to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by making sure you never get delayed or endangered by a breakdown or mechanical issue. has been providing South Florida with reliable, luxurious travel for more than a decade. We specialize in carrying sports teams, wedding parties, school outings, social groups, cruise line passengers, corporate outings, and many other types of group travel.

We carry groups of all sizes, from 6 to 600, in comfort and security. And we will get you where you are going without delays or any inconveniences. So when you want to travel without worry in luxury, style, and ultimate comfort and security, choose for all of your group travel needs.

‘Do I Need to Download Content for My Bus Trip?’

Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter

Anybody who has flown commercial airliners in recent years knows that it’s a good idea to download some content to watch during the flight. Most of the most popular airlines either charge a premium for in-flight WiFi access or offer free WiFie that is “wonky” at best.

But with, you never have to worry about downloading your favorite TV shows or movies to watch during travel on our luxury charter buses. That’s because they all come with free, high-quality WiFi that you can depend on for seamless streaming of your favorite entertainment apps.

WiFi for Everybody! has made it a priority to offer fast, free internet access to all of its passengers. Depending on where you are going, a bus ride can last anywhere from a couple of hours to all day or even longer. So having something to watch helps the miles pass more quickly.

When you are binge-watching the new TV show you’ve been wanting to see or rewatching your favorite movies on your phone, tablet, or other device, you will get to your destination before you know it. And thanks to our free WiFi, you don’t have to worry about glitches, screen freezes, or other annoyances that are common on airplanes.

Before you take a plane ride, it’s always smart to download a few shows or movies onto your device just in case the internet doesn’t work once you get in the air. The last thing you want is to spend several hours stuck in a tight airline seat with nothing to watch.

But with, you can spread out in your spacious, comfortable luxury bus charter seat as you watch shows, stream music, or play games as much as you like. Our on-board WiFi is dependable, fast, and always free.

Wedding Transportation Made Easy


WeddingOn your wedding day, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. From your dress not fitting to the wrong cake getting delivered to the flower girl throwing up during the ceremony, there are so many intangibles to consider that you can drive yourself crazy thinking about it.

You just want your wedding to go right. And while there are lots of things that are outside of your control, you can ensure that everybody gets where they are supposed to be on time and all together by using wedding transportation from

Wedding Transportation?

What’s wedding transportation? It’s when you hire a luxury charter bus to carry your wedding party from place to place — from the church to the photo location, from the photo spot to the reception hall, from the reception to the hotel, and so on.

Wedding transportation is one of the fastest-growing areas in group transportation right now. As more and more couples discover the benefits of keeping everybody together throughout their entire special day, they are opting to have a local charter carrier like take care of all their transportation needs all day long. There are even some brides and grooms who hire us to carry all of their guests everywhere on their wedding day — and even the day after, in some cases.

On your wedding day, your job is to enjoy the experience, not worry about who’s where and who is going to ruin your day by being late.

When handles your wedding transportation, there’s one less thing to worry about because nothing can go wrong. Your wedding party or guests will be where they are supposed to be when they need to be there. So you can have a memorable wedding day for all the right reasons, not all the wrong ones!

‘What Happens If There’s a Breakdown?

Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter

Buses are mechanical. That means they have a lot of moving parts, all of which are subject to wear and tear. Then there’s South Florida’s notoriously hot and humid weather, which puts an additional unique strain on vehicles, not to mention our heavy traffic, which can make even routine trips involve a lot of frustrating stops and starts.

So what happens if your group is riding on one of our buses and it breaks down? Although it’s a highly, highly uncommon experience, it’s a fair question and one worth answering honestly and completely.

Breakdown Services

For starters, rest assured that your bus is very unlikely to ever experience any type of mechanical failure. We have a team of mechanics and technicians who do nothing except maintain our buses to the highest standards in the industry.

But other factors can cause a bus to break down that are out of our control, such as debris in the roadway or unexpected mechanical failure. So what happens then?

It’s simple, we dispatch another bus to pick you up and bring you where you are going as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you are traveling locally, we often can get another vehicle to you in just a few minutes. If you are far away, we can either dispatch a new bus from our garage or get on the line with another luxury charter service closer to where you are so your wait time is minimized.

At, we have been doing this long enough to confidently say we’ve seen just about everything that could happen in this industry. We don’t have breakdowns very often — it’s hard to remember the last one, in fact — but if something unusual happens, we know how to respond.

Our ultimate goal is to always keep you safe, comfortable, and on time.

You’ll Be Treated Like Royalty on

Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter

In America, we don’t have kings and queens. We got rid of those a lot time ago. Instead, everybody is equal, there is no aristocracy, and we all enjoy the same opportunities and freedoms as everybody else.

Still, even if we don’t have royalty in the USA, it’s nice to be treated like one every once in a while. And that’s exactly what you will experience when you choose for your next group travel.

When you and your group ride on one of our luxury charter buses, you will feel like you are special. With our extravagant comfort, state-of-the-art safety, and all the latest entertainment features, you’re going to feel like the kind of America.

Fit for a King

Royals don’t visit the US very often. But when they do, they usually travel with a lot of people. Dozens of followers, employees, and other hangers-ons will accompany every stateside visit of a king, queen, princess, or prince.

And how do they choose to get from one state visit location to another? Typically on luxury charter buses like the kind offered by When you choose our service, you will literally be riding on a charter bus fit for a king. Or at least a duke, earl, or princess.

Not only will you be riding on a royalty-level bus, but you will be treated like royalty as well. Our team of experienced, professional charter employees are trained to treat our passengers with respect and deference. But we also are friendly, helpful, and outgoing. After all, we’re Americans!

So when you need to arrange group travel for your sports team, school field trip, social outing, or any other type of group movement, choose the bus company that’s fit for a king. Choose and get ready to be treated like royalty.

Ride the Buses Your Sports Heroes Ride

Miami Bus Charter

Who’s your favorite local sports star?  There are lots to choose from. In South Florida, we are blessed with an NFL team, an NBA team, a MLB team, an NHL team, and — oh, yeah — this season we have Lionel Messi playing for our local MLS team!

From the Marlins to the Dolphins, the University of Miami football team to your favorite players on the Heat. There’s so much to choose from.

What do all these professional athletes have in common besides playing in the same region? At some point or another, nearly all of them have been transported on luxury charter buses run by

Sports Transportation

At , sports transportation is a huge part of our business. Not only do we bring local high school and college teams to away games in luxury and style, but we also bring your favorite South Florida pro teams to and from the airports so they can travel to the next big game.

Plus, we also bring many visiting teams from the airport to the stadium and back again. Over the years, it’s safe to say we’ve carried nearly every major sports team in the US on one of our charter buses.

So when you ride with us, you are traveling on some of the same buses that carry your favorite sports stars, from the local pro teams to every team from all around the country.

When we say sports transportation is an important part of our business, we mean it. Pro, college, high school, and amateur athletes all enjoy the comfort, luxury, and security of our state-of-the-art charter buses.

And that puts you in some pretty good company. Imagine taking the same luxury charter buses that transport the elite athletes you cheer for every week. It’s not a fantasy, it’s reality when you choose


Forget about Traffic with

Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter
Miami Bus Charter

South Florida is one of the most populated regions in the South, even in the country. Each year, our highways become more and more congested as people from all over the world move here to enjoy the warm weather, the proximity to the beaches and theme parks, and the warm and relaxing “Florida lifestyle”.

In a way, the greater Miami region is a victim of its own success. It’s harder than ever to get around, commute times are getting longer, and being stuck in traffic is as frustrating as ever. Fortunately, there’s a solution:

Creative Solutions to Common Problems

At, we offer creative solutions to the kind of problems South Floridians face every day. Group travel is safer, more comfortable, and far less aggravating when you ride in the comfort and security of one of our luxury charter buses.

Whether you need charter buses for field trips, sports transportation, group outings, corporate events, cruise line ground travel, or even wedding parties, we have the solutions you need to make your travel faster, more comfortable, and more efficient. When you and your group are riding in the luxury of one of our state of the art carrier coaches, you can forget about the aggravations of driving and focus on having fun.

We have the luxury charter buses that make getting around South Florida fun and exciting, not soul-crushing and exasperating. Who cares about traffic jams and frustrating drivers when you can relax in the comfort of one of our luxury charter buses while streaming your favorite videos, music, or video games with the free high-speed WiFi offered on all of our vehicles?

South Florida may be getting more crowded, but is making travel more enjoyable. Book your next outing with us and forget all about the traffic congestion.

The Bus Driver Sets the Tone for the Whole Journey

Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter
Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter

Think back to when you were in elementary school. Did you take the bus every morning? If so, what do you remember about the driver?

If you are like most people, you probably had a driver who was grumpy, bossy, and maybe even a little mean. How did that make you feel the rest of the day? Probably not great. Starting the day by being on a bus operated by a driver in a sour mood can sometimes ruin your entire day.

It’s no wonder some people have negative connotations associated with bus travel. Their childhood experience with their unhappy school bus driver can cast a shadow over future bus trips.

Friendly, Helpful Drivers

At, we understand that your school bus experience may color your perspective regarding bus travel. And we understand that the driver’s attitude can set the tone for the entire journey, even the whole rest of the day.

That’s why we only hire drivers who are friendly, helpful, and outgoing. When you travel on one of our luxury charter buses, you never have to worry about dealing with a grumpy driver because our operators love what they do. And it’s evident in the pleasant and friendly atmosphere they create on every journey they take.

There’s a huge difference between traveling on a school bus and riding on one of the state of the art charter carriers operated by — not the least of which is the attitude of the driver. If you think you don’t like traveling on buses due to your childhood experience, think again!

Our buses feature the latest comfort and safety features, including free high-speed WiFi. Your experience will be positive and blissful as you travel in luxury and style on one of our award-winning passenger buses. Plus, your driver will be genuinely happy to see you!


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