The Benefits of an Attendance Roster

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Do you remember in school when the teacher would take attendance every morning? It was important because it ensured that every student was where they were supposed to be.

Using an attendance roster for group outings also is a good idea and for the same reason. Even with adults, keeping track of everybody to make sure everybody is where they are supposed to be has high value. For one thing, it makes sure nobody gets accidentally left behind.

Attendance Roster

An attendance roster is simply a list of everybody in your group. Today, it also should include their smartphone number in case you have to reach them if they aren’t where they need to be, such as when it’s time to leave. Attendance rosters are helpful, efficient, and safe for everybody, but especially if your outing includes children or teenagers.

Take attendance at the beginning of the outing to get a final count on who is with the group before you leave. Then take it again whenever the bus is moving — whether it’s to go to another location, whether it’s time to go home, or anytime you aren’t sure if everybody is there.

The attendance roster can be a physical list — such as one written on paper and attached to a clipboard — or a virtual document on your phone, tablet, or laptop. If it’s a digital document, it’s easier to share with other people.

Taking a headcount is a faster way to make sure people are on board the bus. It only takes a few moments and most people won’t mind. But a headcount alone won’t tell you who is missing if you are a person short.¬†

An attendance roster that includes both names and phone numbers lets you do a better job of keeping track of the people in your group.


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