Corporate Expansion and Charter Buses


As the global pandemic fades into memory, many businesses are planning their next chapter. For some, that includes renovation or expansion of their corporate property.

Construction is always disruptive. But offers a solution to companies whose normal employee parking is temporarily unavailable due to new building: Shuttle buses.

Streamlined Efficiency

Here’s how it works: Say a company is adding a wing to their property and needs to use the adjacent or nearby employee parking lot as a construction staging area. Rather than upturning the applecart and planting seeds of discontent by requiring employees to park far away and walk a long distance to get to their jobs, instead, they can simply lease a remote parking lot and allow to shuttle back and forth in luxurious, comfortable charter buses.

Construction crews can still make full use of the convenience and efficiency of having their materials and equipment nearby while employees will appreciate being treated like royalty as they ride in comfort and style before and after work. N0w that’s a win/win!

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Businesses seeking to expand often find themselves on the horns of a dilemma. They want to maximize the size and scope of their business while minimizing the inconvenience to their clients, employees, and vendors.

Leased remote parking combined with luxury shuttle buses solve both of these problems plus give workers the benefit of riding in comfort and style. There will be very little grousing and complaining when workers start their days riding in the state-of-the-art luxury of luxury buses. In fact, they may want to keep riding in them even after the project has been completed and their regular parking lot reopens!

Smart businesses find ways to take unpleasant situations and turn them into positive ones. Taking an inconvenience and transforming it into a short-term benefit for employees offers a solution that makes everybody happy.


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