Entertaining Group Tours during Long Trips


Group travel can create unique challenges. One of the biggest is keeping your tour group entertained during a long bus ride.

Even luxury tour bus seats can seem to confine after a few hours. So one of the most effective ways to pass the time is to distract riders with engaging entertainment.

When people are entertained, a long bus ride can seem to pass by very quickly. Before they even realize that several hours have passed, your tour group will arrive at its destination relaxed, enthusiastic, and happy.

 Tours – Movies and TV Shows

Most luxury tour buses today come with built-in entertainment options, including flatscreen TVs, DVD players, and even WiFi and streaming video. Simply insert a DVD of a popular movie or TV show into the player and your passengers can watch in comfort as the hours fly by.

Allowing or even encouraging passengers to choose their own entertainment and stream it to their phone, tablet, or laptop provides the same distraction. Tour group members can personalize their own selections and watch their individual favorites. They can even stream music or games to keep them busy during the long bus ride.

 Tours – Group Activities

Another option is to engage your tour group in collective activities to help pass the time during your journey. This can include things like storytelling, lectures, sing-a-longs, and even meetings. Create an agenda of activities before your trip that takes up a large portion of the travel time and your group can keep busy throughout the entire bus ride.

Even shorter bus trips can be filled win interesting and enjoyable group activities, regardless of the ages of the passengers.

Bus rides can sometimes be long. But giving passengers a variety of options to pass the time in entertaining, educational, and fun ways can help make the time fly by in a flash.


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