Make the Most of Your Group Outing Experience


Taking a group outing on a luxury tour bus from is entertaining as well as educational. But it also is a social experience that allows riders the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

Depending on where your group is going, your bus ride can last up to several hours. While many people in the group may know each other, others won’t. So using some of that time to introduce yourself to new people is a good way to make the most of your travel time. — Making New Acquaintances

If your tour organizer was considerate enough to provide participants with name tags, meeting people you don’t already know is easy.

But if you aren’t sure of another person’s name, all you need to do is introduce yourself by name: “Hi my name is …, what’s yours?” As long as your greeting is friendly and sincere, the other person is sure to respond the same way. — Getting to Know You

A great way to get to know other people is simply to ask questions about them, such as where they are from, their family, what the like to do, and so on. Once people get started talking about themselves, it’s usually harder to get them to stop than it is to get them to start.

When you take a group outing on a luxury tour bus, you can get acquainted with new people in comfort in style. By the time you arrive at your destination, you will probably have some new friends that you can share the experience with, whether it is attending a concert, touring a museum, or simply taking a tour of the city. 

Make the most of your experience by being open and friendly to the other people in your group. You may come away with not only an interesting afternoon but possibly also new lifelong friends.


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