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We chose these vehicles because they represent the ultimate dependability, comfort and luxury for our clients.

We’re proud to say that all of our vehicles are clean, have low-mileage and exemplify luxury, inside and out.

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(Motor Coaches Only)

(Motor Coaches Only)

State Of The Art
Safety Features

Professional Drivers

GPS Tracking &
Fuel Monitoring

We know that customer service makes or breaks your experience—from booking to driving. That’s why we hire friendly, professional and attentive drivers who want to make your driving experience special. In addition to our friendly, professional drivers, we have a separate team whose primary work is to ensure that all vehicles are kept at optimal functionality. This ensures that our company is always ready to serve you—at our very best!

Our philosophy is simple: We believe transportation shouldn’t just be a vehicular movement from one location to another; but rather a transient experience that becomes a positive memory.

We’re perfect for large group movements and special events. We specialize in corporate events, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, affinity groups and any other special event that requires transportation. Our ultimate goal is to provide a safe, seamless and fun ride to you and your guests. Our belief is that transportation is part of your event and should be fun and easy for you to manage. Don’t let the stress take the fun away. Book FloridaTours.com today!

We offer many other wedding transportation or
special event transportation configurations & options.