Older Adults Need Playtime Just as Much as Children

A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that grownups need just as much playtime as children do, perhaps even more.

When adults prioritize leisure time over constant work, they can teach themselves to relax more, develop new social skills, and improve their overall quality of life.

Bus Charter in Miami — Find Time for Fun

There are numerous benefits for adult playtime, such as chartering a bus with your friends and neighbors to attend a sporting event or concert, or simply a day at the beach or state park.

Play is a natural stress-reliever. Pursuing things that make you happy naturally triggers the release of endorphins, they body’s natural feel-good hormones, which can promote improved self-worth and even relieve physical pain in the short term.

Bus Charter in Miami — Playtime Promotes Creativity

Doing things that are fun can also improve brain function. For example, playing chess, doing jigsaw puzzles, or playing sports with friends can inhibit the development of memory problems in the brain.

Spending time with friends on a charter bus trip also can help ward off stress, worry, and depression.

Bus Charter in Miami — Lessons Learned from Childen’s Play

Scientists have learned that young children will often learn better and be open to new concepts and ideas when they introduced to them while playing.

That same principle may apply to adults as well. Many older people are able to learn a new task better when they are having fun doing it, or when they are relaxed or in a playful mood.

Enjoying leisure time with friends and neighbors also can help stimulate the imagination, help adults adapt better and problem-solve more easily.

Bus Charter in Miami — Make Playtime a Part of Your Routine

If it’s been a while since you’ve done something fun with your friends, such as take a charter bus somewhere entertaining, it’s not too late.

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