Is It Legal to Drink Alcohol on a Bus Charter in Fort Lauderdale?

women toastingMany people rent charter buses to bring groups of friends and neighbors to special events such as sporting events, concerts and theme parks.

One of the benefits of renting a charter bus is that you don’t have to worry about having a designated driver. The bus company’s driver will take care of the driving so that all of your guests can have a good time and enjoy themselves without having to worry about driving under the influence — or being in a vehicle driven by an intoxicated driver.

But is it legal to consume alcohol on a charter bus? The answer depends on where you are.

Canadian Bacon

Canada has a federal law that prohibits the consumption of alcohol on any type of bus, including charter buses. So if you are drinking on a charter bus in Canada, you may be pulled over by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police — or, at least, the local constabulary.

In the US, there is no federal law against the consumption of alcohol on charter buses. But there may be local laws that prohibit you from legally drinking on a charter.

The jurisdiction for consumption of alcohol typically falls to the county. So check with your bus operator about any specific laws related to drinking on board based on your trip’s itinerary.

The Party Sign Is ‘On’

About 80 percent of bus operators will allow alcohol on board the bus — as long as there are no local laws against it, of course. Usually, the operator will charge a refundable deposit

Usually, the operator will charge a refundable deposit if there will be alcohol on the bus. This deposit helps cover the expenses of cleaning up the bus afterward if needed.

If you aren’t sure what the rules are regarding alcohol consumption during your bus charter, all you need to do is ask.