Top Tips for Passing the Time on a Long Bus Trip

FloridaToursAt, we are used to long bus rides. After all, the luxury buses in our fleet are constantly carrying groups of passengers from one place to another.

But most people don’t ride buses as often as we do. For most folks, a long bus journey can seem tedious and boring.

That’s why we put together this list of top tips for passing the time on a long bus journey.

‘That’s Entertainment’

One of the best ways to pass long hours on a bus is to distract yourself with some kind of entertainment.

Our Deluxe Tour Buses come equipped with state-of-the-art televisions and DVD players so passengers can watch their favorite TV shows and movies throughout their journey. We’ve had plenty of times when passengers didn’t want to get off their bus even after it reached its destination because they wanted to see how something ended!

Listening to music or doing word puzzles or crosswords and other distractions are also great time-killers. Stock up on puzzle books before your trip or slip into a convenience store during break stops to get a new supply.

Time Passes Faster with Company

Another great way to pass the time while traveling is to chat with friends and other people who are sharing your journey.

Strike up a conversation with your neighbor and learn about their background and history by asking a few inquisitive questions. Soon you will be chatting your way to your destination.

Of course, using your cell phone is allowed on excursions, so feel free to reach out to family and friends. Just try to be courteous about the other people around you by keeping your conversations to a reasonable level.

Texting is not only a great way to interact with your loved ones, but it’s also completely silent. So feel free to text away!