Getting Around Florida May Be Challenging for a While

Hurricane Irma has come and gone, leaving a wake of destruction in its path throughout Florida.

Downed trees and power lines, flooded streets, and debris are all making travel difficult in practically every corner of the state.

From Miami to Tallahassee, Florida residents are coping with the recovery from this once in a lifetime storm.

Bus Charter in Fort Lauderdale — Back on Our Feet Again

Rebuilding after Hurricane Irma will take some time. But the people of Florida are resilient and strong. And the state is sure to come back better than ever within a few weeks and months.

In the meantime, getting around is going to continue to be challenging. Be sure to give yourself extra time wherever you are going as there are sure to be lane closures on the state’s roads and highways.

Bus Charter in Fort Lauderdale — Use Caution

It’s especially important to watch where you are going, especially in the time immediately after the storm.

There may be standing water or other obstacles blocking your path. Don’t try to drive through pooling water because you can’t be sure how deep it is. If the water reaches your engine block or battery, it could stall out your vehicle.

The same holds true for areas with debris and downed power lines. These areas should be avoided altogether until authorities can get them cleaned up and safe.

Bus Charter in Fort Lauderdale — The Worst Is Over

It has been a difficult week for everybody. But now that the storm has passed, the recovery efforts can begin.

Florida will come back better than ever from this storm, just as it did from Hurricane Andrew and other deadly storms in the past. Not even a major hurricane can keep the good people of Florida down.

We are united in our efforts to be strong together.