Get Ready! Here Come the ‘Snowbirds’!

In Florida, there are just two seasons per year: Summer and snowbird season.

Each year, beginning in about late September and running until the end of May, millions of visitors from the colder northern states, Canada, and even Europe descend on the state of  Florida to take advantage of our warm winter weather.

Highways become more crowded. It gets harder to get a table at your favorite local restaurant. And Florida natives know to stay away from the state’s more popular tourist attractions during snowbird season. — Snowbird Appreciation

While the many visitors who come for the warm weather may be an inconvenience, they also are responsible for the state’s biggest industry: Tourism.

One of the reasons Florida’s sales and real estate taxes are so low is because of the billions of dollars spent here each year by tourists. They also help boost our state’s economy and make Florida a safer, better place to live for permanent residents.

Besides, most people who live in the Sunshine State year round are accustomed to dealing with the many tourists who visit every year around this time. Like anywhere else, Floridians get to know their way around even when the tourists season is at its height. — Luxury Bus Charters

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Snowbird season is in full swing. But when you leave the driving to, you don’t have to worry about a thing!