Charter Bus Rental in Miami: America’s Favorite City!

Miami downtown street view at night with hotels.

Miami downtown street view at night with hotels.

Miami has become one of the most popular destinations for people to move to and to visit. And why wouldn’t it be? When it comes to the best America has to offer, Miami has it all!

Located on the Atlantic side of Florida, Miami has more warm weather days per year than practically anywhere else in the United States. If  Florida is the “Sunshine State”, then Miami is the “City of the Sun”, enjoying an average annual temperature of 76.3 degrees, making it the second warmest city in the US after Key West.

With 70% sunshine, Miami officially is the second sunniest city in the US, after Honolulu, Hawaii, which has 71% sunshine. But try driving or taking a bus to Honolulu!

Miami in Winter

When it is cold everywhere else, it’s almost always warm in Miami. The average January temperature is a comfortable 67.7 degrees. And it climbs to an even warmer average temperature of 69 degrees in February.

No wonder so many “snowbirds” flock to Miami during the heart of winter. With plenty of winter sunshine and warmth compared to the rest of the country, Miami is the premier winter destination for much of the US, especially the East Coast.

Snow in Miami? Never!

The last recorded accumulation of snow in Miami was … never. There has never been a snowstorm in which enough snow fell that could be measured.

Way back on January 19, 1977, there were snow flurries in Miami. But this legendary snow was melted practically by the time it hit the sidewalks and streets.

Beach Culture

People come to Miami for the weather. But they stay for the beaches. In fact, suntan lotion was actually invented in Miami in 1944 by Benjamin Green, a local pharmacist.

But there is plenty to do and see in Miami besides its world-famous beaches. The city has more than 800 parks and is the only city in the US that is bordered by two National Parks — Biscayne National Park and Everglades National Park.