Charter Bus in Florida Safer than Driving on Your Own

man driving a car at night

We’re blessed to live in Florida. Usually, the weather is sunny and warm, making our state the envy of the rest of the nation — especially during winter when everybody else if facing icy temperatures and heavy snow.

But as the old saying goes, “When it rains, it pours”. That’s especially true in Florida, where they weather is prone to change on a dime and where hurricanes and tropical storms are a real risk every year.

Risks of Driving Yourself

Driving in severe weather is dangerous for everybody. But it’s especially dangers for individual drivers traveling in their own cars.

First of all, passenger cars are relatively light. And thanks to new fuel standards — which require cars to be made with materials like more aluminum and plastic and less heavy steel — they are lighter than ever.

That means they are less able to grip the road when it becomes slick with rain, or when your car is buffeted by heavy winds.

Then there’s the risk of being alone should you have a breakdown of an accident. Many areas of Florida are very remote. So if you lose consciousness or become trapped in your vehicle and can’t reach your cell phone to call for help, odds are you are going to be there helpless for a very long time.

Benefits of a Charter Bus in Florida

Charter bus drivers are highly skilled and experienced. They simply won’t drive in severe weather. Instead, they are trained to pull off and find safety until the worst weather passes.

Our buses also are bigger and heavier, so they grip the road better and have more stability when it’s rainy and windy.

Plus, when you travel on a charter bus in Florida, you are never alone. There are plenty of people to help should something go wrong.

The next time you are traveling a long distance, consider renting a charter bus in Florida — especially during the rainy season.