Charter a Bus for Your Own ‘Magical Mystery Tour’

wedding coupleIn 1967, the English rock group the Beatles released an album called “Magical Mystery Tour”, as well as a short film of the same name.

Both the album and the movie were based on a common pastime in the UK at the time: Passengers would pay to board a luxury charter bus without knowing its destination in advance. They would then be surprised by the location they were brought to, which normally was some sort of adventure destination such as a seaside resort or a historical castle or town.

Here are five fun and exciting ways you can replicate this experience by chartering a luxury tour bus and creating a Magical Mystery Tour of your own:

Book Your Own Magical Mystery Tour

The fun of this type of adventure was not knowing in advance where you will be taken. People love it because it appeals to their sense of adventure and fun. Plus, everybody loves a surprise.

Create a ‘Beatles’ Themed Adventure

Everyone still loves the Beatles, even though they broke up nearly four decades ago. Create a mystery bus tour that replicates the adventures in Beatles film and features the group’s beloved music played over the loudspeakers throughout the trip.

Give Your Guests a Surprise They Will Never Forget

Planning on eloping? Instead, why not give your guests a surprise they will never forget by chartering a mystery bus trip to a scenic location and treating them to a surprise wedding.

It will be a journey they will be talking about for the rest of their lives.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Adventure

Write down the names of a dozen popular tourist destinations on a spinning wheel. Then after all of your guests board your luxury tour bus, have one of them spin the wheel and then take the bus to the destination it lands on.