Take a Bus Charter in Miami to a Classic Car Show

Classic american car in the street of havanaThe state of Florida has a lot of great things going for it over colder climates. One thing is that we don’t need to use any salt on our roads in the winter to keep them clear of snow and ice.

Salt can erode the metal in cars, making them rust and age faster. That’s why cars up north tend to wear out after just a few harsh winters while Florida vehicles can keep going for decades with minimal maintenance.

Classic Car Shows

One of the side benefits of this phenomena is that Florida tends to have more classic cars than anywhere else in the US.

So one of the best ways to enjoy a bus charter in Miami is to make your destination one of the many great classic car shows the state has to offer.

Six Must-See Car Shows

It’s hard to go wrong with a classic car show in Florida. Nearly all of them have beautifully preserved or restored cars for you to ogle over. But here are four of our favorites:

  • Sparkle in the Park – Held July 2 in Beverly Hills, Florida, this classic car show features some of the finest  automobiles in pristine condition. A sure-fire winner!
  • Winter Park Downtown – Sponsored by the Winter Park Hello Club and the Muscle Car network, this show is held on the Fourth of July and features classic cars parked up and down Park Avenue in downtown Winter Park.
  • Key West Power Cruise – You don’t need another excuse to visit Key West. But schedule a bus charter in Miami beginning July 6 and you can enjoy five fun-filled days featuring hot rods, muscle cars, and beach parties.
  • Ultimate Car Show – Also known as “Cruzin’ at Spirit of Suwannee”, this classic car show is held July 23 at the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park.